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秘密結社コドモA のニュース

2021-05-30 16:03:00 inartistic
KISAKI announces the next volume of legendary event “Rin・ne・ten・sei~A RETURN OF VISUAL MONSTER~” with EIJI!!

KISAKI has announced that the next volume of the legendary revival event series will be held in October!

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2021-05-15 04:33:00 inartistic
Streaming tickets on sale for KAIRI (Siva) birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE all stars!

Streaming tickets are now available for the KAIRI (カイリ) [SIVA] × KISAKI event!!

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2021-02-21 08:46:00 inartistic
KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) has announced his birthday event, a miraculous reunion of KISAKI and many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

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2018-11-11 04:56:00 inartistic
[feature] Dumb luck in Japan #3: MIRAGE x Matina

Part three of my vacation to Osaka with Evenor, in which we attend the MIRAGE × Matina anniversary event.

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2018-05-14 04:48:55 inartistic
Second MIRAGE & Matina event announced!

A flyer was distributed at today's MIRAGE live, which announces another MIRAGE/Matina memorial event!

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2017-09-10 18:45:03 inartistic
Kibouya Honpo “reopens”

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A (秘密結社コドモA) successor band, Kibouya Hompo (キボウ屋本舗) has suddenly announced that they will “reopen”!

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2013-01-15 15:15:00 inartistic

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2012-04-07 21:33:00 anonymous
[Archived] Selling an old Radifia cassette & Under Code postcard books

Hi guys~ I have an old Radifia demo tape that needs a new home. If that band sounds familiar, it's because their guitarist, Rame, went on to play bass in VIDOLL. That little item is up on Ebay [here][1] (I have two Key Party tapes up as well).

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