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2017-09-10 14:45:03
Kibouya Honpo “reopens”

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A successor band, Kibouya Hompo has suddenly announced that they will “reopen”!


2013-01-15 10:15:00


2012-04-07 17:33:00
[Archived] Selling an old Radifia cassette & Under Code postcard books

Hi guys~ I have an old Radifia demo tape that needs a new home. If that band sounds familiar, it's because their guitarist, Rame, went on to play bass in VIDOLL. That little item is up on Ebay [here][1] (I have two Key Party tapes up as well).


2011-01-17 15:00:00
[Archived] Vote on free t-shirt winner!

Ok, the contest to win a free WE LOVE UCP t-shirt is officially closed. Now it's up to you guys to look through the proposed tracklists and vote for your favorite one! Whoever gets the most votes wins! The poll will be closed by Wednesday.


2010-11-07 01:06:00
[Archived] Sales Post (postcard books)

Hello all~ I have five Undercode postcard books that need new homes ASAP. They're all first prints and all postcards included. Artists pictured are 12012, VIDOLL, Phantasmagoria, Karen, Pasha, Dali, Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A, and Makoto from Doremidan.


2009-09-17 23:25:00
[Archived] Various Bits...

① The cover of chariots 2009-10-07 single, (Hikari), has been revealed via the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. Check it here. (I don't like their new logo!)

2009-08-07 14:18:00
[Archived] Costume updates, downloads

Arc's new costumes were revealed yesterday through VISUNAVI. Check out the costumes here. The costumes look nice, and the photoshoot seems really good! (So weird to think that it's the same band who burst into UNDER CODE looking like a rainbow..)

2009-03-18 22:15:00
[Archived] Sales Thread <3


2008-09-05 10:19:00
[Archived] New Release Info

① Brand X has posted news of a few new UNDER CODE releases. The three releases are alternate versions of old best-of compilations, but they are unique in that they are being sold by WORLD TEMPTATION ENTERTAINMENT. That is the same company that sold KISAKI's solo album The Solitude Songs, which means that these new releases will similarly be distributed "worldwide."


2007-11-25 19:41:00
[Archived] [Sale] Various Artist - Nihon Seitasu 2005-11-31 Tokyo LIQUIDROOM ebisu

Various Artist - Nihon Seitasu 2005-11-31 Tokyo LIQUIDROOM ebisu

2007-09-23 03:02:00
[Archived] selling: CDs, flyers

Hi~ I'm selling some stuff [at my LJ][1], including:

2007-03-20 21:51:00
[Archived] †News†

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A (秘密結社コドモA) is back! With six members! I don't know why! Anyways, they've got new costumes, six members, and two new releases. Pretty awesome. Check behind the cut for information about the releases and a link to the new costumes.

2007-01-25 16:42:00
[Archived] News: Release

On Valentine's Day (surprise surprise), Bands@id and UNDER CODE will release a joint DVD. The fourth in a series, Bands Shock DVD Vol.4 ~日本制圧完全版~ [~Nihon Seiatsu Kanzen Ban~] will contain live clips from.. pretty much everyone. Included in the DVD are: Phantasmagoria, ヴィドール [VIDOLL], 12012, 秘密結社コドモA [Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A], SIVA, Pashya, ダリ [Dali], Arc, hurts, ネガ [NEGA], VAGERKE, Deflina Ma'riage, 音鬼 [Oto Oni], SOUND OF SILENCE, and SERPENT. In similar news, the tracklisting for Decadence2007 has finally been announced.


2006-11-06 17:47:00
[Archived] Tons of News

Ok, I've gotten way behind on the release news (these like, stealth releases keep getting announced, so there's A LOT). So, here's kind of a quick overview:

2006-07-21 14:39:00
[Archived] [秘密結社コドモA] RELEASE

秘密結社コドモA (Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A) just announced a pair of releases for November 29th. They will release a 7-track mini-album \[青春記憶装置\] (Seishun Kiokusouchi, Youth's Hard Drive (I guess? I like my translation XD;)) and a 120-minute live DVD, \[青春放送\] (Seishun Housou, Youth Broadcast). Brand X info is [here][1] and [here][2]. I haven't seen anything else (third stage, grass thread, undercode, etc) about it, though.

2006-04-23 16:02:00
[Archived] release delays

There will be delays in the releases of the following photo postcard collections. There isn't a reason given, but the new release dates will be posted soon:

2006-02-21 21:09:00
[Archived] KISAKI & Codomo A

Yep, even more news from the good people over at UNDER CODE! KISAKI has announced the cast for the fourth book of the ARISTIC in BLACK series. For those of you that have somehow forgotten, ARTISTIC in BLACK is a series of coupling photobooks which will be released at the rate of one per month, for twelve months. Anyways, it seems that this time, KISAKI is teaming up with a very popular oshare band! Speaking of photobooks, Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A has announced that they will finally release one of their own! They've also announced a--get ready for this--PV DVD, along with a new maxi-single! Codmo lovers rejoice! They've been releasing a lot lately, but who can complain? Here's the info:


2005-10-01 19:39:00
[Archived] シュガーフォークフル


2005-06-15 18:06:00
[Archived] Huge Updates + Release List