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EYENêS new single: “Togireta Akashi” The THIRTEEN new mini-album: “ICY”
KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

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Ryu Ryu

SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) has announced his birthday event, a miraculous reunion of KISAKI and many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

The live will feature several special sessions comprised of musicians who were members of the label. Those who purchase VIP tickets will receive a special KAIRI (カイリ) feat. KISAKI CD.

Unfortunately, the live will not be streamed.

KAIRI (カイリ) was the vocalist of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band SIVA from their formation through disbandment, and is currently vocalist of PISARRO (ピサロ). He's holding a birthday event this May and, because of his strong wish, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION president KISAKI will also appear!

KISAKI solo photo

KISAKI solo photo

This appearance has brought together many former labelmates and turned into an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION reunion, and so the title of the event is reminiscent of those days: Kizokutachi no Dai SESSION Matsuri ~Tokubetsu Yoru~ (貴族達の大セッション祭り~特別夜~). (The same title was used for a long-running session event series that ran from the label's opening in 2003 through its closure in 2013.)

Members of SIVA, Phantasmagoria, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), 12012, VIDOLL, Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A (秘密結社コドモA), NEGA, Kibouya Hompo (キボウ屋本舗), hurts, VAGERKE are among those who will appear. It's sure to be a miraculous day for fans of the label.

We asked organizer KAIRI (カイリ) a few questions about the event:

  1. Why did you invite KISAKI to this event?

    It started at the end of 2020, when I realized that [due to the pandemic] I couldn't organize the yearly UNDER CODE session event [that I've been doing for several years]. But I received so many heartfelt messages from fans who missed it that I wanted to do something for them.

    I told KISAKI about the situation and got his approval to hold a special event, but I really wanted him to perform at it as he's my senior and was president of the label. So I called him many times and asked him to appear—sometimes talking for over two hours lol—and eventually got an offer.

  2. What's your best memory of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION?

    When I was in SIVA, I remember the tour final of the label's Nihon Seiatsu (日本制圧) tour at Ebisu (恵比寿) LIQUID ROOM in 2005, when we announced that we were joining the label. I'll never forget the momentum behind Phantasmagoria, 12012, and VIDOLL, and the super-packed audience.

  3. Please give a message to the fans who are enthusiastic about this event.

    It's not an event that I alone could carry, but I'm able to do it with the help and support of many people and band members who belonged to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Let's recreate the memories of that time with everyone again. It was a very cool idea by KISAKI to make it my birthday event as well lol. Thank you very much.

    On 2021-05-15 in Shibuya (渋谷), let's Chikasen (地下線) again!! (Ed. note: Chikasen was the fan name for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.)

A message from guest KISAKI:

I knew that KAIRI (カイリ) had been organizing an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session every year, and I've been glad that he still cares about the label. So, we decided to perform on stage and record a new release together. (A CD gift for those who purchase VIP tickets.) I'd like to celebrate the birthday of KAIRI (カイリ) with my friends from the days when we regular did Kizokutachi no Dai SESSION Matsuri (貴族達の大セッション祭り) events. It's been a long time coming, so I'd love for you to come by.


Kizokutachi no Dai SESSION Matsuri ~Tokubetsu Yoru~ (貴族達の大セッション祭り~特別夜~) at 2021.5.15 SHIBUYA-REX

The live will NOT be streamed. Those who purchase VIP tickets will receive a KAIRI (カイリ) feat. KISAKI special CD.

KAIRI (カイリ) session

Uraroji EXECUTION (裏路地エクスキューション)

JIN (儿) band


  • V. JIN (儿) [ex-NEGA, ARTiCLEAR]
  • G. ITSUKI (樹)
  • G. MAKOTO (誠)
  • B. RUI (ルイ)
  • D. TAJI (多時)

EIJI (エイジ) session

Kiraku ni KorouZU (Kari) (気楽に殺ろうズ(仮))

Ray & SAN session

Tokyo Bakuzetsu Keiongakubu!! (東京爆絶軽音部!!)

HAL (ハル) session

Suzuran (鈴蘭)

HINA (ヒナ) session

Houtai Tenshi (包帯天使)

KISAKI session Kyoukoutoppageki (強行突破撃) group photo

KISAKI session Kyoukoutoppageki (強行突破撃) group photo

KISAKI session

Kyoukoutoppageki (強行突破撃)

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  • Streaming tickets on sale for KAIRI (Siva) birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE all stars!
  • MIZALY to make announcement
  • PISARRO: new look, release, member names, oneman, and event
  • ex-SIVA/gaNesha & ex-VARYL members form new band PISARRO


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I would love to attend the Kyoukoutoppageki (強行突破撃) session. I don't care a lot about KISAKI (sorry buddy) but I want to see Ice at least once. This event happens at the same time of the CROW MUSIC one, gosh I want to book a week into Japan...

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EYENêS new single: “Togireta Akashi” The THIRTEEN new mini-album: “ICY”