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ex-ZERO MIND INFINITY members return in new band, "breakin' holiday"

The holidays may be long over, but it's never too late to break the news on a new(ish) band!

ZERO MIND INFINITY broke up on December 30, but their sudden activity pause was met with skepticism as they hadn't released anything during their year-long stint. However, a band called breakin' holiday was announced today! Initially announced as JURI (ex-DELUHI)'s new band, it's been revealed that the rest of the members (minus Gt.John) are involved!

  • Vo.JURI (ex-DELUHI, etc.)
  • Gt.Sakai Hiroaki (酒井 洋明) (ex-12012, etc.)
  • Ba.Aggy (ex-DELUHI, etc.)
  • Dr.KAJI (ex-REIGN, AND, etc.)

Along with a slew of live dates starting on March 10-18, they're already breaking out with a new release! breakin' holiday's first single, LILITH, is slated for release on March 20. There are no other details at this time; be sure to check out the single's release page below for any updates!


  1. (tba)

Matina ALL STARS lineup announced

Session band Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ), which is slated to appear at the MIRAGE and Matina memorial event, has announced the last addition to its lineup:

The second guitarist is MiA of MEJIBRAY!

Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ)

Like the announcement of Ryuto as guitarist, MiA makes the name “Matina ALL STARS” somewhat dubious--MEJIBRAY performed with LIN, but has literally no connection to Matina--but the lineup is cool regardless.

Lineup changes for Minus Jin-Say Orchestra

On March 4, bassist Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎) will re-join Minus Jin-Say Orchestra.

Ogawa had been part of the band's original lineup as OGAWA -ROBOCOP・Shotarou- (オガワ -ロボコップ・小太郎-), but “temporarily” seceded in 2010. (Who doesn't need an eight year break every now and then?)

Current bassist Yazawa “ORGANIC” Motohal (矢沢“オーガニック”もとはる) will also “re-join” as (switch position to) guitarist at that date.

Furthermore, the current four members will slightly change the notations of their names:

  • V. Kuriyama “H∧L” YES (栗山“H∧L”ヰヱス) ← Kuriyama “HaL” YES (栗山“HaL”ヰヱス)
  • G. Kuroya Yukke (緇屋ゆっけ) ← Kuroya “Yukke” NORA (緇屋“ゆっけ”ノラ)
  • G. Yazawa Motohal (矢沢もとはる) ← B. Yazawa “ORGANIC” Motohal (矢沢“オーガニック”もとはる)
  • B. Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎)
  • D. Nanamushi (生虫) ← Yokota “Nanamushi” HIKARUSON (横田“生虫”ヒカルソン)

The band's latest full album, Sono Kokoro ha。 (その心は。), will be released on 2018-03-07.

New label BABY SITTER forms, Kibouya Hompo joins

A new record label, BABY SITTER has formed!

The label seems to be a sublabel of--or at least affiliated with--TERAKOYA (home to THE BLACK SWAN, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, and Ensoku).

Former UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band Kibouya Hompo, who revived this year, has joined the new label.

The full list of affiliated artists is:

  • The.picnics
  • midoriningen
  • Kibouya Hompo
  • Aimai Chuudoku (曖昧中毒)
  • THE・SINNERS The Thinners (ザ・シンナーズ)
  • Mr.ChickenHat Timers
  • PINOKIWO (ピノキヲ)

midoriningen is, I believe, a side project of Ensoku.

PINOKIWO (ピノキヲ) is a long-running electronic solo project that has performed around the fringe of the visual scene, but isn't really a part of it.

None of the other groups are really part of the visual scene, as far as I know. Edit: The Thinners (ザ・シンナーズ) is ex-SEX-ANDROID. Thanks suji!


KISAKI continues to prepare for MIRAGE's one-day(?) revival and Matina memorial live. Here's a summary of recent events:

It seems KISAKI will appear at a live tomorrow (2018-01-01) at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE? Details unknown.

MIRAGE did a photoshoot with Cure magazine and will be in the January issue.

KISAKI had surgery, and it seems to have gone well.

MIRAGE finished their new song, which will be freely distributed at their March live.

It was composed by guitarist YAYOI--and I believe I read somewhere that it was a long ballad, but I can't find the source anymore, so take that as a rumor.

MASAKI KOUHEI (マサキコウヘイ) acted as support drummer for the track.

Mastering was completed by Katsuhiro Yamamoto, of ARS STUDIO, who was a long time collaborator of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Producer 武臣-TAKEOMI-, who has worked with LIN (among many others), acted as manipulator on the track.

It seems that the special privilege for the MIRAGE/Matina memorial live will be a DVD featuring Matina footage. Further details are unknown.

Back in November, KISAKI had drinks with ex-ORGEL bassist RAMU (ラム), who was looking fabulous.

KISAKI recently visited ex-LIN guitarist KANATA at his restaurant Restaurant feliz. KANATA has become certified as a wine sommolier, by the way.

Several items have been added to the LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT web shop.

  • Santa cheki of KISAKI were available for a limited time, and sold out immediately.
  • Two Matina lucky bags (contents unknown) were available, but sold out immediately.
  • Ten copies of rare LIN privilege CD for Lapis... were sold for 1,296 yen each. (The CD was previously available only with the band's box set when purchased from TOWER RECORDS, but earlier in the year, KISAKI included it with the box set when purchased from LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT, and gave it updated CD art. This month, he made it possible to order the privilege CD by itself--though it's unclear if it featured the original art or new art.)
  • Several LIN t-shirts, and their parka, are available.
  • LIN's IC card sticker set is available.

Several LIN (and one Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku) bootleg DVDs are available at the web shop, for 3,240 to 4,320 yen each. Five of them seem to be previously-unreleased (though LIN had so many bootlegs it's almost impossible to know).

  • Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku - 2015.11.17 ROCKTOWN
  • 2015.10.30&31 OSAKA MUSE
  • 2015.10.27&28 SHIBUYA REX
  • 2013.02.02 OSAKA RUIDO (new?)
  • 2010.10.11 OSAKA MUSE (new?)
  • 2012.12.02 ACB HALL (new?)
  • 2015.01.25 EDGE Ikebukuro (new?)
  • 2015.01.24 EDGE Ikebukuro (new?)
  • 2015.11.07 Zeela

RENAME loses drummer

RENAME drummer zodd (ex-ZODIA, etc.) has seceded.

If I understand correctly, he is seceding immediately and will not appear at the band's next scheduled live on 2018-03-30, and will delete his Twitter shortly.

The band has decided to continue with three members (vocalist AKIRA, guitarist Q-la, bassist ka-no), but further activities are undecided.

Please let me know if you have any further information or corrections to my translation!

GAZ (Kneuklid Romance / Malice Mizer) Passes Away

Mana (lead guitarist of Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer and visual-kei icon) announced on his Twitter that drummer GAZ has passed away on December 22nd. The reason stated was due to an illness he succumbed to yesterday.

"昨日、MALICE MIZER初代ドラマーのGAZが病気で亡くなったと報告を受けました。 初めてのMALICE MIZERの音源オムニバスに収録されているSPEED OF DESPERATEは彼が叩いています。 彼とバンドをしていたのは短い間だったけど個性的で面白いやつだったな。


Mana's tweet states that he though GAZ was an interesting guy, in spite of only being with the band for a brief period of time. GAZ was also featured in the song "Speed of Desperate," which was the first song Malice Mizer had pressed to a CD.

GAZ later went on to be a member of Kneuklid Romance, another influential group that had a bit of main-stream success in the late 90s. In the late 2000's, the band also revived and was briefly produced by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. If you haven't tried them before, I highly recommend the collection album that KISAKI helped produce.

Kisaki also shared his condolences about GAZ's passing earlier this morning.

"大好きな先輩の悲報が。GAZさん(Kneuklid Romance)早すぎるよ…。本当にアグレッシブで優しい男らしい人でした。ドラムプレイも格好良かったし。奇跡的に一枚だけ一緒に撮ったツーショットがあった!!心からご冥福をお祈りします。"


  1. Shunkan no Koe~LOVE SONG~
  3. Was imitation but・・・ So I Believe
  4. Rayly
  5. At Last for you (Ballad)
  6. Shunkan no Koe~PUZZLE~
  7. Flowers
  8. Yuki no Shita de
  9. Painted time
  11. Fukaiao no Naka de
  12. Sing for ...you
  13. Kamikaze
  14. An infinity of the sky
  15. Torikago no Naka no Kanojo
  16. Miraiaru Michihe to
  17. Go to bed
  18. want of sleep!
  19. Heaven's Door
  20. Tsuki to Kimi to Boku no Kankei
  21. Murasakiiro no Tori
  22. Sunadokei
  24. Hodoukyou no Ue no Sora
  25. ash train
  26. Shiawase ni Dekiru Kenri
  27. Dance to Babylon
  28. Tenshi no Shippo
  29. MAGNUM
  30. Tameiki
  33. Fantastic idea
  34. Fantastic idea (Instrumental) (hidden track)

New projects from SHUN (Vasalla)

SHUN (舜), former guitarist of Vasalla and JILS, among others, has formed two new projects: Rush Assault Machinery and Quiet Rain.

Rush Assault Machinery is a new solo project from the guitarist--his first, the FUZZ, disbanded in 2015--that is focused on industrial rock.

RAM, for short, will hold their first sponsored event, Break through the Limit, on 2018-02-17 at Ebisu (恵比寿) club aim.

Current support lineup:

  • Support G. Kenta (健太) [NEiN, etc.]
  • Support G. SIN [ex-Syndrome, Vasalla, etc.]
  • Support B. Junichiro (淳一郎) [KING]
  • Support D. Ksuke (K助) [Vasalla, etc.]

Several tracks (self-covers of the FUZZ and some new songs) from the project are available at its YouTube channel. Here's its cover of hide's D.O.D.:

Quiet Rain is a two-person unit formed this month by SHUN (舜) and NOW vocalist KEKE. (Rush Assault Machinery performed at NOW's recent disbandment live.)

The unit will release its first digital single in 2018.


SHUN's formal band, NEiN, will hold three sponsored events at Ikebukuro (池袋) CHOP (手刀):

  • 2018-03-03 Far East Butterfly Vol.2
  • 2018-04-21 Far East Butterfly Vol.3
  • 2018-05-26 Far East Butterfly Vol.4

NEiN's first oneman, 6th OF YOU, will follow on 2018-06-16 at Ebisu (恵比寿) club aim.

KRAD new single, label, and oneman

KRAD will release their “first single,” abyss.

The single will be available in two types (3 song CD, 2 song CD + PV DVD) on April 4.

Interestingly, the single is being published by FORUM, which backs up my hunch in September, that KRAD had joined sublabel(?) PUNCH RECORDS. Good for them!


  1. abyss
  2. Manjushage
  3. Grief of microorganisms


  1. abyss
  2. Manjushage
  3. abyss (PV)

KRAD will celebrate the 1st anniversary of their rebirth with a oneman, abyss gate, on 2018-05-15 at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole.

Two things: first, I really like KRAD. Second, Grief of microorganisms is probably the greatest title for a song.

PENTAGON new single and oneman tour

PENTAGON will celebrate their third anniversary with a national oneman tour and a new single.

The tour is called, uh, GA-CH AHEAD-CHA-LA, and will kick off on February 11 and run through April 25, with a tour final oneman and Chizuru (千吊) birthday celebration event at Shibuya (渋谷) WWW X.

Details about the single have not been announced, except that it will be available in two types on 2018-02-07.


  1. Hankou Seimei
  2. Yotogibanashi
  3. Music Clip
  4. Offshoot


  1. Hankou Seimei
  2. Yotogibanashi

The band will also hold a basically non-visual three-day sponsored event, Fuyu no LION ~Koko ha Ikoku no SAVANNAsa~ (冬のライオン ~ここは異国のサバンナさ~), in February.

The band will perform with FEST VAINQUEUR, S!N, URBANGARDE (アーバンギャルド), Kamen Joshi (仮面女子), and MIO YAMAZAKI (ミオヤマザキ) (Tokyo only).