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Cure magazine relaunches

Long-running visual kei magazine Cure will re-launch from their June issue (April 21 release).

Vol. 177 of the magazine debuts a new logo--now written in katakana as キュア--and is the first to feature all pages in full color. The magazine will feature more photos as a result, and the interviews are also said to be easier to read.

The cover artists for the issue are BugLug and Zombie.

Cure launched in 2003 and has tended to focus on smaller bands than those featured in the likes of SHOXX, FOOL'S MATE, etc.

The magazine changed to a slightly smaller format some years ago, and has attempted various offshoots such as an English version, and idol magazines Curedoll and Cure Mani, all of which ended after one issue. A free magazine focused on much smaller bands, Cure V-Splash, has been more successful.

[Updated] Samples for MARCO's "LALALA" released + some goodies

As previously announced here, MARCO will be releasing their first album, LALALA (ららら) next week. Check out the sample below:

Also, the band has apparently included an original tote bag as a preorder bonus. I'm guessing this applies for all shops that it's available at, like Like an Edison, Jishuban Club, etc...

In other news, the band's album release tour final will conclude on vocalist Rei's birthday live at Ikebukuro CHOP (池袋手刀) on May 20. There will also be a new live-limited single released at that event, entitled "Kakusan Hōsō Kinshi Goroku" (拡散放送禁止語録). (Quite a name.)

can i just say that the kanji for Ikebukuro CHOP is really dumb??? i read it as "Ikebukuro SWORD" at first, ((which is a much sweeter name btw)), but apparently it's meant to be read as Chop according to a quick Google search...

UPDATE: The full lyric video for one of the new songs, Katametsuburi (片目瞑り), has been released:

My top 10 Matina releases

As prompted by Seraphim, here are my top 10 releases (in roughly ascending order) from Matina:


  1. [di-má:nd]
  2. Secret Lover
  4. finale
  5. leaves

Captures the identity crisis that a lot of bands faced in 2002~2003; see leaves vs FROLIC @ DOLL.


  1. untruth
  2. moral disguise
  3. KAREN

Metal with a strong melody. Grating vocals, chunky bass, and dirty guitar. Third track KAREN provides an oddly haunting conclusion.


  1. ・・・Air
  2. DeathtopiA

The melodic title track alone is strong enough to warrant this single's inclusion.


  1. Fare Well
  2. Still
  3. Kagerou~Kagerou~

Melancholy SE plus two tracks that beg to be sung along to. One of the earliest recordings of Ruiza (of D fame).


  1. Buyou
  2. Shingon
  3. 「Chikashitsu」
  4. Hougou HOSPITAL
  5. 「TRICK」
  6. Kaede・・・

An era in which Matina releases were mixed/mastered such that each hit of the drum sounded like a small explosion going off in a wok. Chikashitsu and TRICK are the best tracks, but it's a strong representation of Mist of Rouge's harder sound.


  1. DIE-Z3E
  2. Seishi Ranbu
  3. Downward in life

Chronically underrated band imo. Love their unexpected compositions and nasal-but-not-annoying vocals. Well-balanced mix.


  1. KoNO Yo NO HaTE
  2. Taiji no Yume
  3. Schizophrenia

Disbandment release that showcases both sides of the punk-gothic-inspired band.


  1. Ikenie
  3. Shiroi Kimi, Kuroi Tsuki

An off-brand release for the group, but nevertheless successful. Each track is unexpected, but none sound desperate (and most work surprisingly well with Kyohei's vocals). Opening track USOTSUKI is a bangerz.


  1. ・・・SAN GA KORONDA!!
  4. Toumei NA KAGO
  5. Haiiro Toiki

Lives up to the band's “occult romance” concept at the time. The instrumentation sounds slightly dated now, but the underlying compositions seem just as fresh as they were 16 years ago. (Much better versions of tracks 1, 4, and 5 can be found on the band's re-recording album.)


  1. Seimei no Shuuen
  2. 「Zwei」 Dataisha TO Moumoku NA Chuuzetsuji・・69 Nichime NO Sogai
  3. 「MARIA」 GA NemuRU Zange NO 「Kururu」
  4. Kokushichou NO Hanataba
  5. Tsuioku
  6. Lucifer
  7. 「M」teki Higyaku Shoukougun
  8. AkuratsuNARU 「Shimobe」 ni Sasagu
  9. Kuuchuu Toshi~in the zalemu~
  10. Evil en Lucifer
  11. (untitled secret track)
  12. (untitled secret track)
  13. (untitled secret track)
  14. (untitled secret track)
  15. (untitled secret track)
  16. (untitled secret track)
  17. (untitled secret track)
  18. (untitled secret track)
  19. (untitled secret track)
  20. (untitled secret track)
  21. (untitled secret track)
  22. (untitled secret track)
  23. (untitled secret track)
  24. (untitled secret track)
  25. (untitled secret track)
  26. (untitled secret track)
  27. (untitled secret track)
  28. (untitled secret track)
  29. (untitled secret track)
  30. (untitled secret track)
  31. (untitled secret track)
  32. (untitled secret track)
  33. (untitled secret track)
  34. (untitled secret track)
  35. (untitled secret track)
  36. (untitled secret track)
  37. (untitled secret track)
  38. (untitled secret track)
  39. (untitled secret track)
  40. (untitled secret track)
  41. (untitled secret track)
  42. (untitled secret track)
  43. (untitled secret track)
  44. Chizome no Kigeki (secret track)

Probably the label's most financially successful release, with over 15,000 copies sold in its first two pressings alone. Like all great albums, it has a strange resonance that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

What are yours? (See the Matina and Soleil Matina pages for a list of releases.)

Yume×Kurai。 new look (+ two points)

Yume×Kurai。 unveiled a new look yesterday.

Yume×Kurai。 formed earlier this year, out of the ashes of Bokutachi no NEVERLAND. Several members were originally from SAMUKURO. Although they have a new look, they still haven't announced any releases/etc.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention two little things:

First, the band's name is apparently supposed to be pronounced “yume kui,” but they still write it as “yume kurai,” even in their OHP and stuff. Kind of interesting, right?

Although Bokutachi no NEVERLAND guitarist RUI (ルイ) is said to have continued into Yume×Kurai。, I'm pretty sure he actually seceded. Their current guitarist, GIRURU (ギルル), seems to be ex-the FLox..

If anyone can confirm either way, or has additional information, please share!

llll-Ligro- vocalist gone, album cancelled, will disband

llll-Ligro-, who only just revived will disband.

Their vocalist temporarily stopped recording/etc because of vocal injuries, but it appears he has suddenly seceded from the band. Because of this, the band will disband after their 2018-05-18 oneman (which it seems they will perform with only 3 members), and any lives after that will be cancelled.

Their planned full album will also be cancelled.

Can't spend much time verifying my translation, so let me know if you catch anything incorrect! Original tweet is below:

MAZERAN new single, "Ashley"

Newbie band MAZERAN have been on a roll since their new drummer 慈瑠 -Zil- (ex-GIBALTE (ジバルト)) joined in January and their first mini-album being released just last month.

After a string of live-limited singles, they've announced a new single, Ashley, slated for a July release. While there's no details available just yet (nor is it known if it'll be another limited release), the band have posted a new visual and a sample:


  1. Ashley

MAZERAN has also announced a free oneman live on Christmas! Details to be announced...

Also, if you're curious, their mini-album, Aizou (混乱・魅弐阿瑠派無「愛憎」) was released back on March 14 and is currently available everywhere.


  1. Shoudou
  2. Junjou Nijimu Teisoukan
  3. Mawaru Noumiso, Onaji Kimi.
  4. 「Kirai」

MIRAGE announces another additional performance

As the title says, MIRAGE has announced another performance--hopefully they'll be even more active in the year to come!

MIRAGE will perform on May 13 at the large-scale CROW MUSIC event, KANSAI ROCK SUMMIT '18 EXPLOSION CIRCUIT VOL.5, which will feature 71 artists spread out over 8 livehouses.

The lineup for this live is:

  • V. AKIRA
  • G. YAYOI
  • Support G. SIN [ex-Syndrome~Vasalla etc.]
  • Support D. Ryota [ex-GLARD etc.]

La'Veil MizeriA Samples Unveiled + "new" Member

Samples for La'veil MizeriA's new single Usubeni no Sou have been released, as well as a sample of their new music video.

Additionally, their former guitarist Nazuki has rejoined the band. For those of you who are newer to this band, Nazuki was one of their earlier guitarists who participated in the recording of their first three demos, then left just before the start of 2015. He's since been acting as a support member for Vampire Rose and SIRENE.

La'veil MizeriA's new single drops on April 11th. Like all Starwave releases, you will most likely be able to find the release on iTunes and Spotify on release day, so check it out!


  1. Ibitsu Ningyou
  2. Memai
  3. Youran
  4. Ibitsu Ningyou (PV)

MIRAGE, Kneuklid Romance announced for GAZ memorial

MIRAGE completed its 20th anniversary live today, and has announced an additional live performance!

MIRAGE will appear that the memorial event for ex-Kneuklid Romance drummer GAZ (who recently passed away). A different support guitarist/drummer will aide the band this time:

The GAZ memorial event, Chain, will be held on 2018-07-08 at Meguro (目黒) ROCKMAYKAN (鹿鳴館).

In addition to MIRAGE, it was also announced today that [some version of] Kneuklid Romance will also appear at the event. Those two bands join several other early 90s acts who were already announced:

By the way, KISAKI mentioned that he'll make another announcement at 18:00 JST. (Probably just a small one though!)

New Band Mathilda (マチルダ) forms

A new band named MATHILDA has formed, and they use every color in the crayon box.

The group is comprised of ex-Ramiel members, as well as the vocalist of DEVIZE and the former drummer of AvelCain and REIREI. They've uploaded a teaser video for their first single and it sounds like they're bringing back a quirky style of visual-kei that we haven't heard in a good while.

Visually, they've also used an interesting throwback: I'd honestly thought I'd never see another decora-kei band...ever, really. (Decora-kei is a sub-type of Oshare-kei that can easily be summed up as "I rolled through the arts and crafts isle at Target" -- bright colors and tons of accessories stuck to every visible surface). At some point, this style crosses into the territory of "it's so bad, it's good": you just need to let your eyes adjust to all the textures, first.

The band's OHP has quite a number of shows lined up for the upcoming months, and the group will also release their first single "DABINIFUS (ダビニフス)" at their show on May 2nd.