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DEZERT releasing new album (under new label?)

DEZERT will release their new album, TODAY, in August.

The 10~12 track album will be available in a CD-only type, and a CD+DVD+DVD “today” type. The latter features one DVD with nine live recordings from their tour final last year, and an additional disc with documentary footage of the recording of the album.

Interestingly, the publisher for the albums is MAVERICK DC GROUP, which is the management side of DANGER CRUE. As far as I know, DEZERT has been self-managed up until now, so I wonder if they're joining DC...?

The band previously appeared on the MAVERICK DC GROUP MUCC tribute omnibus.

DEZERT's next tour, What is “Today”?, will begin in august.


  1. (10~12 unannounced tracks)


  1. (10~12 unannounced tracks)
  2. 「Ohayou」
  3. sister
  4. 「Gokai」
  5. 「Haisetsubutsu」
  6. 「Kyouiku」
  7. 「Hentai」
  8. 「Oyasumi」
  9. 「Noumisokun」
  10. 「PICTOGRAMsan」
  11. (TODAY recording documentary)


  1. Ranchuu
  2. Honey
  3. Saishuu ressha
  4. EMP
  5. Gerbera
  6. Oboreru Sakana
  7. Utagoe
  8. I Am Computer
  9. Kaze to Taiyou
  10. Ryuusei
  11. Akatsuki Yami
  12. Samidare
  14. Daikirai
  15. Bouzenjitsu
  16. Mr.Liar
  17. Libra
  18. Ieji
  19. Aka
  20. Heide
  21. Flight
  22. Nirvana
  23. Brilliant World
  24. Koi ha Mizuiro

The ballad of Maria's†Despair

Have you heard the ballad of Maria's†Despair? Gather around, Suicide-Murder-Children...

Maria's†Despair was spontaneously formed by vocalist SHUN in late 2003, with a band concept of “Suicide-Murder-Children.”

Also, he was totally not at all ripping off Deshabillz vocalist SHUN.

These images are not at all related.
These images are not at all related.

At the beginning of 2004, he recruited guitarist WAKA and bassist XXX. The bassist's name was never actually revealed, because:

The trio began recording their first maxi-single in June, and it was so bad that the bassist seceded during recording. Friends from the band Purple,Hey's (one of whom is named MAYO, which is an issue) stepped in to help.

The maxi-single was initially slated for an August 2004 release, but was delayed a full month, because of reasons. It seems to have sold poorly―I remember buying my copy at a very reduced price shortly after release―but it has since gone on to become legendary among true, intellectual vk fans.

The release has been lauded for its monotonous drumming and nasal, off-tempo, and abstract vocals―the background-coughing in Satsuriku NO Mori is especially complex.

Here's an excerpt straight from the band's BBS at the time, in which a local fan praises them:

I was surprised to see a flyer [for Maria's†Despair]! The vocalist and I lived in the same neighborhood, and I remember him well. He was known for hanging out with a bad crowd. He was fighting with them, and got beaten up! His personality is the worst!!!!

The band was so inventive and ahead of their time that the CD's self-titled first track and its third track are exactly the same, except that the vocalist sings different lyrics (but to the same melody). And despite the single basically featuring two songs, main composer SHUN needed help from the guitarist of Purple,Hey's to compose them.

Although the maxi-single's three songs alone would be enough to cement the band's place in the anals annals of vk history, I should mention the incredible graphic design, which was spearheaded by vocalist SHUN.

First, the booklet features an innovative white-text-on-black-background motif. The white text is contrasted against terrifyingly real drops of blood dripped all over the place. The disc itself continues this theme: the outer rim is completely translucent and has drops of blood dripped all over it.

And finally, the signed photograph included in every copy features the vocalist in blinding white facepaint, with a drop of blood dripped on his face and a ghastly drops of blood dripped all over some painted cardboard backdrop.


The CD that dripped blood.
The CD that dripped blood.
MoMA spring exhibit.
MoMA spring exhibit.
Privilege photo on the right. I know I reused the same image, shut up.
Privilege photo on the right. I know I reused the same image, shut up.

At the time of the maxi-single's release, guitarist WAKA was forced to switch to drums, and a new guitarist joined. A few months later, the band planned to change its name, but guitarist-cum-drummer WAKA seceded, and the band instead paused activity.

The band revived as a two-person unit in June of 2005, and then in September a new bassist joined. (The band never gave his name, which is not at all suspicious.) Despite claiming that they would continue as a brand new band from then on, those plans seem to have collapsed.

Vocalist SHUN, real name Arai Shinya (新井 信也), seems to have retired from music after his brush with stardom(?). His last known activity is a series of Ameblo posts which were to apparently become a novel―for which he was looking for collaborators, since he apparently can't do anything alone.

Edit: Oh wait, I forgot, the vocalist formed a new band with WAKA later: the Regred. They released a full album, which I bought, because I'm a masochist. I don't think I've been able to get through it once.

Here's a sample of their longest song. Note the accidental drum track clipping at 02:35. Also note that the vocalist probably had to ask his fucking sister to record the “guest vocals.”

Selected tweets praising the band:

Now you too know the Despair which Maria's†Despair Despaired when Maria was Despairing...


CANIVAL are Disbanding + New Release

CANIVAL announced on Twitter that they are releasing a new CD, followed shortly by an announcement that they will disband this coming November.

The good news first: the "new" mini-album is actually a rerecording of their first large release, BLACK THEATER (ブラックシアター). Since all of the songs are going to be remade, this is a bit better than a flat-out second pressing. The CD will be released on July 16th, and will cost 2,000 yen.


  1. MOTEL
  2. Gekitsuu
  3. replica
  4. Rakuen

Now, the bad news:

The band tweeted this morning that they will breaking up on November 4th. Their last live will be held at Shinjuku Holiday. As a brief history of the group, the band formed as Hiz back in 2013, then changed their name in 2016 once their drummer Luvia joined and their old bassist seceded. Since their name change, the band has released two mini-albums and 3 songs, as well as a few music videos with fairly high production value.

State of vkgy 6/2

Hi everyone! It's been half a year since vkgy launched. Here are some important updates since then:


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As always, let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Morphine's New Collection Album モルヒネ

MORPHINE are jumping on the collection album band wagon, with the announcement of their self-titled CD.


  1. Haikei, Higaisha no Kimi e
  2. Sweet poison Lolita rock
  3. Hanagasumi
  4. Houtai Shoujo
  5. Doro Doro Jikken
  6. Otogiri Shou
  7. Sorede wa Minasan Sayounara
  8. Boku ni Furu Ame
  9. Shikeishokkou
  10. Omaemitaina Yatsu ga Sin'nebaii no ni...
  11. Sayounara Jinsei
  12. Houkai
  13. Another Story
  14. Baka

The collection album will contain 14 songs. If I'm doing my math correctly, 3 of the songs featured are either new or were only performed live and never actually pressed to a disc. It shall be sold at visual-kei stores nation-wide, including favorites like Puresound, Tower Records, and Village Vanguard. The album will drop on August 1st, just like Mamireta's collection.

Speaking of which 👀

As mentioned in my previous article, MORPHINE are going to be hanging out with the PUNCH RECORD dudes a lot this coming summer and fall. I'm also seeing that this collection album will be distributed through PUNCH RECORD. This seems to be more than coincidental.

Maybe we will see MORPHINE joining the label in the near future.

(I've been correct about things like this before... 🔮)

Mamireta is Releasing a Collection Album

On Tuesday, Mamireta announced that they will be releasing a collection album.

The album's name is Sei (逝) and it will contain 14 tracks. Most of them have been previously released, but there are two new songs featured on this album. Sei (逝) comes out on August 1st.


  1. Ojamashimasu
  2. Darumasan
  3. Shiin: Higaimouzou
  4. Shiin: Kurashi
  5. Oshiete
  6. Tabetai
  7. Shiin: Mushi
  8. Kahan Shin Chuudokusha
  9. Yuukoukigen -Kyou-
  10. Shiin: Wakaran
  11. Boku ga Toketeku Karerimichi
  12. Shima Nagashi
  13. Yuka Name no Tensai
  14. Shuujitsu Owari

Additionally, the band announced a slew of upcoming performances, including a one-man show at Tsutaya O-West on August 6th and a bunch of "vs" lives at the start of the summer. All of the VS lives are held at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE and include:

6/20: VS Miztarva

6/27: VS MARBLE HEAD (マーブルヘッド)

7/02: VS Meidara

7/06: VS Virge


7/13: VS Fixer




8/02: VS Tensai (てんさい。)

Lastly, the band will also participate in the PUNCH RECORDS nation-wide tour starting in October. So far, it looks like KRAD and Virge will participate in most of the shows, but oddly enough DEVIL KITTY isn't listed at all...

For more information regarding any of their upcoming performances, you can view their annoucement on Visunavi.

Two collection albums for Leetspeak monsters

Leetspeak monsters will simultaneously release two best albums this July.

Monster's Theater, which they're somewhat obliquely referring to as just a “full album,” will be available in a Gothic type and Fantasy type. Each will feature 13 old tracks and 1 new song. The Gothic version will also feature a PV.

The band also notes that two songs were previously only available on omnibus albums, and that this is the first time certain songs will have their lyrics available in print.


  1. Wonderland
  2. Welcome to Grave Town
  3. Cheeky devil
  4. mind control
  5. Thunderman
  6. Black Cat (Midnight Cat Remix)
  7. Jack
  8. The wizard said laughing
  9. What do you want?
  10. Oh, Eliza
  11. Crimson Sky
  12. Checkmate
  13. Turn off the radio!
  14. The world is unfair
  15. Wonderland (MV)
  16. Wonderland (offshot)


  1. Dawn song
  2. Night at the museum
  3. Sweet Nightmare
  4. Black Cat
  5. Dance Dance
  6. Dead man's Love
  7. Witch's House
  8. Eat the moon
  9. Devour weak self
  10. Ghost behind you
  11. Good night, moon light
  12. Love in the Dark
  13. Red-nose Pierrot
  14. Here the march of the ghost

Leetspeak monsters is signed to GLK MUSIC.

REIGN's upcoming singles

REIGN will release two, two-type singles in June. Full versions of both lead tracks are up at YouTube.


  1. Yurari
  2. Yurari (MV)
  3. Yurari (making)


  1. Yurari
  2. Wedding of Death


  1. Kanzenmuketsu Zettaiteki Ruler
  2. Kanzenmuketsu Zettaiteki Ruler (MV)
  3. Kanzenmuketsu Zettaiteki Ruler (making)


  1. Kanzenmuketsu Zettaiteki Ruler
  2. Shuusoku no FREESIA

Samples for David's mini-album, "Souseiroku Ⅰ ~Birth and Confession~" released!

As the release date edges closer and closer, samples for David's first mini-album, Souseiroku Ⅰ ~Birth and Confession~ have finally arrived! 🎆👏

In addition, more details on the tracklists have been finalized:

  • after many typos, the first track has been finalized as Confession -Awakening of Genesis-
  • bonus tracks have been revealed as Ancient Resonance (limited edition) and Behind (regular edition, and the only track sampled in the above video...).

  • Judging by the sample, Genesis -In Bible- sounds the same as it was when it was first released, so...good for those who haven't checked it out yet :)

For more details that you missed, click here!

The cover art has also been released:

Limited edition
Limited edition
Regular edition
Regular edition

Also, a deluxe edition is in the works! Available at Sui's webshop only, this edition will contain 8 tracks in total, yet the other songs exclusive to this version have still not been revealed. (I have a funny feeling that either (1) they have both songs from the limited and regular editions; or (2) they have totally different songs altogether... #justvkthings) Being sold at a whopping 5000 yen, the deluxe edition will be available for preorder at the webshop from March 2 to June 30, and it's estimated to be shipped out in July. Those who do preorder will also receive a bonus DVD featuring a long interview with Sui.

So anyway, what do you think of "Souseiroku" so far? 😊 I'm getting Megaromania flashbacks all of a sudden...!


  1. Confession -Awakening of Genesis-
  2. Metempsychosis
  3. Fated Conscious
  4. Kowaku
  5. Ancient Resonance
  6. Genesis -In Bible- (Bonus Track)


  1. Confession -Awakening of Genesis-
  2. Metempsychosis
  3. Fate Conscious
  4. Kowaku
  5. Behind


  1. Confession -Awakening of Genesis-
  2. Metempsychosis
  3. Fate Conscious
  4. Kowaku
  5. (unknown song C)
  6. (unknown song)
  7. (unknown song)
  8. (unknown song)


KACCHIN (カッチン), longtime friend of KISAKI, will celebrate the 15th anniversary of his bar Bar Paradox with a special live event featuring a gorgeous lineup:


This will be the first time that RIKU (戮) and KISAKI have performed together since the last live of first period LIN. It will also mark the 10 year anniversary since Phantasmagoria's disbandment!

Ren SESSION BAND (苓セッションバンド)

Note that this is the same lineup as LOTMAN, but they're just calling it a session for some reason.

  • †яi¢к [ex-VIDOLL member]
  • Shina Pikarin (椎名ぴかりん) [idol]
  • SPEED-iD [early 90s band]

The event, 「PARASONI・SPECIAL」 (「パラソニ・スペシャル」), will be held on 2018-08-25 at Osaka (大阪) BananaHall. Special tickets (8,000 yen) will include a free t-shirt with all bands' logos.