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2022-09-25 03:21:00 suji
Revival☆Chronicle new digital single: “CHRONOS/SHINE”

Revival☆Chronicle (リバイバル☆クロニクル) has released a new digital single.

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2021-10-26 00:15:00 cherrylng
HOLLOW SHADE joins Starwave Records and announces new single

HOLLOW SHADE has joined Starwave Records and announced their first double-A-side single!

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2021-10-21 22:06:00 kumika
Ante ⚜ Alice new single: “UTOPIA”

Ante ⚜ Alice will release a new digital single.

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2021-10-20 23:35:00 suji
MERRY new full album: “Strip”

In time for their 20th anniversary, MERRY (メリー) will release a new full album.

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2021-10-11 22:34:00 cherrylng
AMAMITSUTSUKI becomes a formal band!

Ikkou Sanada's solo project AMAMITSUTSUKI (アマミツゝキ) is now a formal band with two new official members.

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2021-07-17 23:38:00 OmoideNoKage
La'veil MizeriA's two new maxi-singles: “Ketteisou” and “Tsukishigure”

La'veil MizeriA will release two new maxi-singles.

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2021-07-15 23:02:00 cherrylng
SARIGIA new look + lineup change

SARIGIA comes in hot with a new look and another drummer leaving the band.

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2021-05-08 04:05:00 inartistic
JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) reveals new look and full album details!!

Continuing from their emergency announcement, JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) reveals more about their 2nd anniversary plans!

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2021-05-07 03:47:00 haru
Virge BEST ALBUM: “Yuigon” & new look

VIRGE will release their BEST ALBUM Yuigon(遺言)

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2021-04-30 10:05:26 haru
Bassist Kai has joined DEXCORE

Bassist Kai (会), formerly from the recently disbanded Gozen Reiji。 (午前零時。), has joined DEXCORE on April 30th.

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2021-04-01 04:44:00 deleted_user_400
Vagu*Project's new photos + anniversary livestream

Vagu*Project has released their latest artist photos, each members dressed in an unique steampunk design outfit!!

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2021-03-11 06:32:00 cherrylng
Gt. Ranran (蘭々) has joined KIRAWAREMONO

Guitarist Ranran (蘭々) has joined KIRAWAREMONO (キラワレモノ).

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2021-02-25 11:44:00 suji
DazzlingBAD releases 2 concept demo tracks

DazzlingBAD is one of the fastest rising new bands that have appeared in the new decade. Today they have released 2 new visuals and demo tracks revolving around the concepts "Dazzling" and "BAD".

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