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2023-02-19 20:23:00 OmoideNoKage
RENAME's first one-man show: Dedicate Your Heart

RENAME has just announced their first one-man show. Dedicate Your Heart will take place on April 2nd at club MERCURY. The band has also revealed their new look along with 2 new members, guitarist TAISUKE (タイスケ) and drummer JETS (ジェッツ), who joined just this past Valentine's Day.

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2022-12-01 02:57:00 suji
DazzlingBAD new maxi-single: “fear”

DazzlingBAD will release a new maxi-single.

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2022-09-25 03:21:00 suji
Revival☆Chronicle new digital single: “CHRONOS/SHINE”

Revival☆Chronicle (リバイバル☆クロニクル) has released a new digital single.

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2021-10-26 00:15:00 cherrylng
HOLLOW SHADE joins Starwave Records and announces new single

HOLLOW SHADE has joined Starwave Records and announced their first double-A-side single!

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2021-10-21 22:06:00 kumika
Ante ⚜ Alice new single: “UTOPIA”

Ante ⚜ Alice will release a new digital single.

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