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2022-07-12 11:07:00 inartistic
The Visual Kei Podcast joins vkgy

We have exciting news: The Visual Kei Podcast is officially part of vkgy!

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2020-06-20 21:22:21 Seraphim User Data: 2019 - 2020

A year ago, I wrote an article about what kinds of users we have a, answering questions like "Where do we live?" and "What kinds of devices do we use?" Today I am here to answer these questions again, but for 2019 through 2020.

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2020-01-17 16:29:00 inartistic
VK Contributors: Alexandrine

In this month's edition of VK Contributors, we interview Alexandrine.

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2019-06-12 17:21:00 Seraphim
One Year of Stats: What do We Look Like?

A little over a year ago, extremely simple user analytics was added to to get a general feel of how popular the site is. Here's what we've found!

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2019-06-10 05:00:00 inartistic
B.P.RECORDS: YouTube channel celebration festival [PR]

B.P.RECORDS has announced the first artists for its B.P CHANNEL Fes. event.

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2018-10-08 00:58:21 inartistic
VK Contributors: peffy

In this month's edition of VK Contributors, we interview peffy.

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2018-09-25 11:32:47 inartistic
State of vkgy 9/25 - avatars and Discord

Hi all. Here's the latest from vkgy:

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2018-08-28 02:20:30 inartistic
State of vkgy 8/27

Hello hello! Here are the latest major changes around vkgy:

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2018-07-22 18:56:30 inartistic
State of vkgy 7/22

Hi all! Just wanted to give another monthly update about changes at the visual kei library, vkgy.

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2018-07-01 14:48:15 inartistic
[discussion] How can we estimate a visual kei band's popularity?

A few questions about popularity in visual kei, as inspired by a chat with cultic.

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