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2022-05-02 11:26:00 deleted_user_400
New band: Kaihouku

What hides behind these strange masks...?

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2022-04-30 03:52:00 deleted_user_400
The stinkiest band in visual kei: "He"

Do you smell that...? 🤢

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2022-04-28 10:41:00 inartistic
Mysterious project Bokutachi no Keikaku counts down to...

New project Bokutachi no Keikaku (僕達の計画) has begun their countdown...

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2022-04-02 23:50:00 deleted_user_400
New limited project band: VELTRO

Session band Kou-chans! (こうちゃんズ!) has changed to limited-time band, VELTRO!

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2022-03-14 06:16:00 suji
XAVAK new maxi-single: “MADNESS REEL”

New band XAVAK has formed!

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2022-02-16 01:12:00 Seraphim
New band: DΣjGVLX

"New" band DΣjGVLX begun activity on February 11th.

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2022-02-16 01:04:00 haru
camellia dystrudia to release first single: “Tane”

Twoman unit camellia dystrudia will release their first single!

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