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2022-01-21 06:53:00 Seraphim
New band: RULOU

New band RULOU (流浪) has begun activity on January 20th.

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2022-01-20 01:06:00 Ryu
New band: MIKAGE

New band MIKAGE (ミカゲ) has formed and started their activity on January 18th.

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2022-01-16 03:39:00 suji
More details on WIXIZ + first single release

More details on new band WIXIZ have been announced!

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2022-01-07 02:17:00 Ryu
New band: WIXIZ

New band WIXIZ has formed on January 4th.

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2021-12-14 23:53:00 inartistic
MIRAGE returns in 2022!

KISAKI announced today that MIRAGE will return in 2022!

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2021-12-03 03:07:00 Ryu
New band: Shoudouteki CAROL

New band Shoudouteki CAROL (衝動的キャロル) began activity on November 21st.

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2021-11-23 03:42:00 cherrylng
deadman and Merry Go Round members form new project: LOA-ROAR

Members from two legendary Nagoya (名古屋) bands have joined forces.

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2021-11-23 00:10:00 Ryu
New band: ANSIFLE

New band ANSIFLE (アンシフル) has formed on November 18th!.

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2021-11-04 08:04:00 Ryu
Session band [R:codE] is now project band "project 74952-REVERSE CODE-"

Session band R:codE changes to project band project 74952-REVERSE CODE- (project 74952-リバースコード-) on November 3rd.

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2021-10-23 07:39:00 suji
New band: Shunka

New band Shunka (蕣花-Shunka-) has begun activity on October 10th.

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