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2018-03-18 10:58:20 suji
MARCO new album, "LALALA" release

Not long after the release of their EP, MARCO has finally announced their first album!!

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2018-03-18 09:57:28 inartistic
UNDEUX loses contact with vocalist

UNDEUX has announced that their vocalist RIKU (裏喰) has refused contact with the band since the end of last month.

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2018-03-17 07:29:37 inartistic

RAVE announced two days ago that they will be leaving PS COMPANY after four years with the label.

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2018-03-14 15:57:49 Seraphim
SCHWARZKAIN are Disbanding, New Guitarist Joined, and Best-Of Album to be Released

It was recently announced that SCHWARZKAIN are disbanding this coming May.

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2018-03-01 11:14:47 suji
LABAISER down a bassist, but gains new drummer

After having lost their previous drummer last summer, LABAISER's lineup continues to shake up.

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2018-02-27 10:13:23 inartistic
Two members of DALI to secede

Fukuoka-based DALI will lose two members in April.

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2018-02-23 09:37:54 Seraphim
MIRAGE's New Album(s) Details Revealed (New Video Link Added)

KISAKI updated his official website with a teaser video for the upcoming MIRAGE releases.

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2018-02-01 02:05:43 inartistic
Metis Gretel one-day revival

As the title says, Metis Gretel will hold a one-day revival!

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2018-02-01 01:41:21 inartistic
David mini-album details, oneman details, and more

ex-Megaromania vocalist SUI has revealed the details for the first mini-album from his solo project, David. Also announced is a second press of his single.

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2018-01-25 13:57:07 suji
David first mini-album, "創生録Ⅰ 〜Birth and Confession〜" release!

David's special birthday live has concluded, and although I haven't found any new information pertaining to Megaromania, a new mini-album and visual has been announced!

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