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2018-12-14 suji
New band: AMBEEK

New band AMBEEK has formed on December 14th and they will hold their first live on February 11 at Shibuya REX. They have posted a sample of their first song below - check it out!

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Recent discussions

  • suji 2018-12-14
    holy shitRead more
  • suji 2018-12-14
    it's pronounced "chaos"...are you seriousRead more
  • inartistic 2018-12-13
    Still, I can’t imagine that fans are clamoring for an Indy Viduality reuinion... I think you’re right re: Kardashian effect.Read more
  • Seraphim 2018-12-13
    I honestly thought he was some sort of vkei Kardashian: has a big following because he has a following. I didn't want to sift through years of his selfies to figure out where he came fromRead more
  • suji 2018-12-13
    oh, I thought Indy Viduality was some sort of minor band event xDRead more
  • inartistic 2018-12-13
    Nao seems to be ex-Indy Viduality and ex-Riz (as Pyon). Good sleuthing guyz!Read more
  • suji 2018-12-13
    Shun was in the limited period band Mummy with Zettai Teki Shakai Futekigousha UNDEUX (絶対的社会不適合者 アンドゥー)'s vocalist, and was also in ZAKLIARead more

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