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Recent discussions

  • BRENGUN 2019-01-20
    >11519 Thank you! ^^Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-01-20
    It is. Try "mele".Read more
  • BRENGUN 2019-01-20
    Nanba Mele not yet added in the venue database?Read more
  • Alkaloid 2019-01-19
    it's funny because if you look through his Twitter pics, he doesn't really have a double chin, he mostly just has no neck. I think it's just a bad picture.Read more
  • inartistic 2019-01-19
    I legit love how the one member is, like, covering his d-uble ch-n with his hair. Werk.Read more
  • Willen 2019-01-19
    That's, at least, one thing that the GazettE haven't done beforeRead more
  • inartistic 2019-01-19
    Added them, thanks! I like their logo.Read more
  • BRENGUN 2019-01-18
    Vo.唯人 (Yuito) is ex-honey drop-->Miss Rainy and Ba.ICHI is ex-REIL, VII-II AUME (support)-->De:Vi6 (support gu.)Read more
  • BRENGUN 2019-01-17
    Oh...Read more
  • kumika 2019-01-17
    I'm not sure that the "exclusive" point have his place here, there's nothing really from you, all of these informations are actually on internet. "Exclusive" is for information we can't find on internet, for example, when you put a scan from yourself, when you find band members on your own demo tape, etc...Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-01-16
    lolRead more
  • suji 2019-01-15
    for a moment i thought this was the blogspot and i almost had a heart attackRead more
  • Seraphim 2019-01-15
    Hm... Spotify has this single named as "Last prize," even though that's not what the album art says.Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-01-15
    Probably the proto-visual band. I also really want the CD-R and DVD-Rs, but they are long-out of print and there are no plans of re-re-release right now.Read more
  • Seraphim 2019-01-14
    They didn't have to drop mini-album-of-the-year so soon into 2019, but they did. They did it for us!Read more
  • inartistic 2019-01-12
    S-tear; you can see it in their official URL!Read more
  • kumika 2019-01-12
    Yunisan say "S-tair" ... what's their true name ??Read more
  • uirosos 2019-01-11
    Aw man. I loved them as DEPAIN but never had the chance to get into them as SAVAGE. :(((Read more
  • EVENOR 2019-01-11
    I loved Hinata's voice and visuals.Read more
  • JasonALMS2010 2019-01-11
    Nancy was also featured in the New year message 1997 & voice transmission special from Guru Guru and Eugene (ユージン)Read more

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