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2018 Apr
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Changed order of “upcoming releases” on Releases page, changed to show all upcoming releases instead of just 15. - inartistic

2018-04-19 05:25:07 inartistic
Cure magazine relaunches

Long-running visual kei magazine Cure will re-launch from their June issue (April 21 release).

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2018-04-16 11:30:48 suji
[Updated] Samples for MARCO's "LALALA" released + some goodies

As previously announced here, MARCO will be releasing their first album, LALALA (ららら) next week. Check out the sample below:

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2018-04-11 11:14:22 inartistic
My top 10 Matina releases

As prompted by Seraphim, here are my top 10 releases (in roughly ascending order) from Matina:

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2018-04-10 05:27:06 inartistic
Yume×Kurai。 new look (+ two points)

Yume×Kurai。 unveiled a new look yesterday.

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2018-04-04 08:38:46 inartistic
llll-Ligro- vocalist gone, album cancelled, will disband

llll-Ligro-, who only just revived will disband.

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2018-04-03 11:51:13 suji
MAZERAN new single, "Ashley"

Newbie band MAZERAN have been on a roll since their new drummer 慈瑠 -Zil- (ex-GIBALTE (ジバルト)) joined in January and their first mini-album being released just last month.

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2018-04-01 05:25:15 inartistic
MIRAGE announces another additional performance

As the title says, MIRAGE has announced another performance--hopefully they'll be even more active in the year to come!

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2018-03-31 18:57:49 Seraphim
La'Veil MizeriA Samples Unveiled + "new" Member

Samples for La'veil MizeriA's new single Usubeni no Sou have been released, as well as a sample of their new music video.

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2018-03-31 11:27:47 inartistic
MIRAGE, Kneuklid Romance announced for GAZ memorial

MIRAGE completed its 20th anniversary live today, and has announced an additional live performance!

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2018-03-29 12:18:33 Seraphim
New Band Mathilda (マチルダ) forms

A new band named MATHILDA has formed, and they use every color in the crayon box.

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