vkgy is a visual kei library maintained by overseas fans. It specializes in small bands, and hard-to-find information.

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Recent discussions

  • Alkaloid 2018-11-12
    A+ band nameRead more
  • inartistic 2018-11-12
    I think we have them in the database both as a separate band, but also as a Noir fleurir name change. I’ll have to merge them at some point.Read more
  • witchthrone 2018-11-12
    I added the DEFLOWER demo tapes but I labeled them as Noir Fleurir releases. DEFLOWER seems to be in a weird limbo state. Some links take you to the Noir Fleurir page but when I added the demos it adds them to a separate DEFLOWER page?Read more
  • suji 2018-11-11
    Kyohei is in Kebyou now?! I never noticed!! I liked him, so this makes me happy ^^Read more
  • Willen 2018-11-11
    Every time I go to Book Off in Paris or Tokyo, I feel like I'm a treasure hunter. I always take a lot of time looking for good stuff because the same band can be on multiple shelfs, that's why I advise you all to make a list of your favorite artists before you go. For example, you can find An Cafe in the "A" of many departments; visual kei, J-pop, sales etc. But I find it very exciting!Read more
  • suji 2018-11-11
    I'm SO happy you finally lived the dream and got to meet God himself (both Kisaki AND Ren)! ✨🙌 The event sounded really cool and that's awesome how you got to see those other kote bands (especially the lesser-known ones) and get some of their shit! I'm glad yall had a great time!! ♥ So jealous rn tbh :xRead more
  • inartistic 2018-11-11
    Yeah, at least in the jpop/discount sections I feel that I could have found some real gems, if we'd only had time to look. If I go again, I'm trying to hit up every bookoff (etc.) that I can.Read more

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