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Recent discussions

  • suji 2019-02-19
    It's available on Puresound! We've been blessed! ♥Read more
  • Shadowtear 2019-02-16
    Temporarily took the decision to change the band name to "+SADIST+" due to what i can find in my cds regarding band logos, on the sides of all cds they write them self as "+SADIST+"Read more
  • Seraphim 2019-02-16
    I made this under a profile for Kiyo, since they credited it as "Dear L'Novel Kiyo 1st Maxi-Single"Read more
  • Shadowtear 2019-02-16
    Fixed the tracklist, some tracks where mixed up.Read more
  • inartistic 2019-02-16
    I think we found that their early name was Sephirot and later was SEPHIROT. Wish we knew release dates!Read more
  • SantoGrial 2019-02-16
    My 絶滅種 demotape says SEPHIROT not Sephirot :(Read more
  • suji 2019-02-14
    can't believe he stole spongebob's pretty patties, that bastardRead more
  • inartistic 2019-02-14
    I believe that the “nether garden” refers to the random picture of all their crotches 😜Read more
  • suji 2019-02-14
    their concept revolves around being in "the garden of neverland" but their name makes it look more like they really like the Netherlands xDRead more
  • Alkaloid 2019-02-14
    The "evidence" song is "フィルターメィカー (FILTER MAKER)", if anyone's curious like I was lolRead more
  • EVENOR 2019-02-14
    What shopping service can I use to order products from FABIUS?Read more
  • Seraphim 2019-02-14
    I haven't avoided paying taxes, but I have avoided making eye contact with someone I've hooked up with while bumping into him on the subway. Close?Read more
  • mysticmana 2019-02-12
    Only VIP members can view this content.Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-02-12
    My bad! I didn't do more than a cursory check and it came back to bite me!Read more
  • inartistic 2019-02-11
    I clarified the pages for the various LUCIFERs: LUCIFER is the newest band, Lucifer is the early one, Lucifer is early 2000s one, and LUCIFER is late 2000s one with Royz members.Read more
  • inartistic 2019-02-11
    BRENGUN Looks like Hakata DRUM Be-1 did exist, but in 1999 they changed location(?) and renamed to Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 (Hakata is an area within Fukuoka, but I guess they moved out of that area). Anyway, I did add Hakata DRUM Be-1 to the database, but since it changed names in 1999, Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 is still correct for this band.Read more
  • inartistic 2019-02-11
    Only VIP members can view this content.Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-02-11
    It seems that it is not that LUCIFER, but another one.Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-02-11
    Venue added. Code is "early-believers".Read more
  • Laurence02 2019-02-11
    Hakata DRUM Be-1 does not exist. Changed to Fukuoka DRUM Be-1, according to the band's OHP. more

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