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2017-12-12 23:25:26 inartistic
KRAD new single, label, and oneman

KRAD will release their “first single,” abyss.

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2017-12-12 01:39:12 inartistic
PENTAGON new single and oneman tour

PENTAGON will celebrate their third anniversary with a national oneman tour and a new single.

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2017-12-11 07:21:49 inartistic
king zeebra official web shop

king zeebra has opened its official web shop.

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2017-12-07 05:48:57 inartistic
State of vk.gy 12/7

Just wanted to give everyone an update on vk.gy since it officially launched on December 1.

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2017-12-06 20:40:33 inartistic
KISAKI returns (to Instagram)

Rejoice: KISAKI is back on Instagram!

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2017-12-02 14:09:07 inartistic
Misaki joins Rizu, makes “visual idol” debut

As of December 1, new guitarist Misaki (美沙輝) has joined Rizu.

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2017-12-01 17:40:17 inartistic
llll-Ligro- revives

As of today, llll-Ligro-, an indie darling among Western vk fans, has revived.

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2017-11-24 18:17:16 inartistic
Label Himitsu Enban to split in two + Prelude of vk.gy

Indie label Himitsu Enban (秘密円盤) will split into two labels on December 1.

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2017-11-13 22:44:44 suji
David's birthday live to unveil a box of surprises~

Only a day after the long-anticipated revival of Megaromania, Sui didn't hesitate to announce his next birthday live, which also marks the 1st anniversary of David.

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2017-11-13 13:44:49 suji
Megaromania revives + 2018 activities?!

The blessed day has arrived as Megaromania performed together for the first time in 4 years!

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