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2018-02-01 02:05:43 inartistic
Metis Gretel one-day revival

As the title says, Metis Gretel will hold a one-day revival!

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2018-02-01 01:41:21 inartistic
David mini-album details, oneman details, and more

ex-Megaromania vocalist SUI has revealed the details for the first mini-album from his solo project, David. Also announced is a second press of his single.

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2018-01-25 13:57:07 suji
David first mini-album, "創生録Ⅰ 〜Birth and Confession〜" release!

David's special birthday live has concluded, and although I haven't found any new information pertaining to Megaromania, a new mini-album and visual has been announced!

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2018-01-25 13:56:35 suji
Ray (ex-NEGA~Dead Children) will officially retire + session live

Ray (ex-NEGA, Dead Children, etc.) is officially calling it quits after his last live on April 20.

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2018-01-23 04:57:54 inartistic
Doppelgänger bands

As the vk.gy artist database expands, it gains more “doppelgänger bands”—bands which share the same name and are hard to tell apart. Today, I'd like to share some of the more interesting cases I've run across.

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2018-01-17 20:27:51 inartistic
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and Ren final(?) releases

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and Sanada Ren have announced their final(?) mail-order releases.

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2018-01-10 15:31:50 suji
ex-ZERO MIND INFINITY members return in new band, "breakin' holiday"

The holidays may be long over, but it's never too late to break the news on a new(ish) band!

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2017-12-31 21:12:19 inartistic
Matina ALL STARS lineup announced

Session band Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ), which is slated to appear at the MIRAGE and Matina memorial event, has announced the last addition to its lineup:

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2017-12-31 02:34:09 inartistic
Lineup changes for Minus Jin-Say Orchestra

On March 4, bassist Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎) will re-join Minus Jin-Say Orchestra.

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2017-12-31 01:58:51 inartistic
New label BABY SITTER forms, Kibouya Hompo joins

A new record label, BABY SITTER has formed!

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