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oldschool revival のニュース

2023-12-12 11:10:00 inartistic
Today, 12012 streams their revival live!

As previously announced, 12012 is holding a oneman today to celebrate their 20th anniversary and revival.

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2022-03-29 09:34:00 Seraphim
whiteblack have restarted activities

Kyoto-based visual-kei band whiteblack have restarted activities.

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2022-01-16 12:16:00 inartistic
MIRAGE begins Third Period with new members and full album!

MIRAGE has announced details about their full revival.

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2022-01-08 14:23:00 Seraphim
S has released a new song on YouTube

S has released a remake of one of their songs on YouTube!

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2021-10-15 00:30:00 Seraphim
Lar~Mia to restart activities

It was recently announced that ex-KEY PARTY band LarMia is reviving.

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2021-09-25 00:36:00 inartistic
MIRAGE performs for first time in 3 years as special guest at non-genre event

MIRAGE has announced details about their November live.

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2021-05-30 16:03:00 inartistic
KISAKI announces the next volume of legendary event “Rin・ne・ten・sei~A RETURN OF VISUAL MONSTER~” with EIJI!!

KISAKI has announced that the next volume of the legendary revival event series will be held in October!

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2021-04-02 02:46:00 haru
Limited omnibus featuring legendary vkei bands released in support of livehouse Himeji (姫路) Beta

A new omnibus will be released to support the livehouse Himeji (姫路) Beta.

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2021-02-21 08:46:00 inartistic
KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) has announced his birthday event, a miraculous reunion of KISAKI and many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

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