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2023-01-30 21:13:00 Laurence02
gulu gulu has announced their disbandment

gulu gulu has announced their disbandment on January 30th. Following the band's oneman live on March 17th, named "Heien (閉園)", the band will suspend activities. No reason has yet been named, but we'll be sad to see them go.

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2023-01-28 23:43:00 suji
Ari will disband

Ari (蟻) will disband on July 15th, exactly four years after their debut.

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2022-10-17 14:34:00 suji
DEFINE will disband

DEFINE will disband on December 16th.

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2022-08-24 10:21:00 cherrylng
Ayabie to pause their activites

ayabie (彩冷える-ayabie-) will take a break from band activities after their oneman tour "Kansekai".

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2022-06-05 14:28:00 suji
Bassist Shunsuke to leave MARCO + hiatus

MARCO (マルコ) will be pausing activities this fall.

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2022-06-04 01:13:00 haru
DOREMI FA will indefinitely pause activities

DOREMI FA (ドレミ・ファ) will indefinitely pause activities on August 8th.

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2022-04-09 13:50:00 suji
Initial'L will disband

After six years of activity, Initial'L is calling it quits.

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2022-03-16 14:14:00 suji
GRIMOIRE will indefinitely pause activities

GRIMOIRE will be on hiatus for an indefinite period.

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2022-03-13 03:00:00 suji
REDAFT has paused activities

REDAFT (リダフト) has paused activities on March 11th.

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2022-02-21 19:41:00 deleted_user_400
AMANO JACUSHI ends activity

AMANO JACUSHI (アマノジャクシ) will end their activity on March 4th.

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