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  1. bug fix Corrected issue where face boundaries weren't being saved to image, which caused a bug where expanding the 'tag musicians' section while editing an image would result in duplicate face recognition. images
  2. bug fix Corrected issue where changing tagged musician in a photo wasn't working due to previous bug fix where ability to disassociate images from items was removed. Updated disassociation to only occur for musicians; need to see if editing images on blog will remove musicians from image. images
  3. bug fix Corrected issue where some images in 'set musician profile photo' section were pushed down. artists
  4. bug fix Fixed symbol between sublabels in 'label history' section on artist pages. artists
  5. bug fix Corrected issue where searching for active bands would display each band twice. php
  6. bug fix Corrected issue where pagination on advanced artist search would drop filters. search
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  • #291 Allow setlists on lives
  • #259 Some way to track instore events.
  • #229 Actually make a table of member join/secede, so we can do cool graphs
  • #492 add tags like "Aishuu Kei (哀愁系)" "Misshitsu Kei (密室系)" "MIXTURE (ミクスチャー)" "Enka (演歌)"
  • #366 Statistics on profiles are off (e.g. articles written)
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