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  1. feature Revised 'update release' UI and updated to take first steps toward songs system. .htaccess
  2. feature Added a few more symbols and created style page showing all current available symbols. style
  3. feature Rewrote views logger to clarify table names and make it easier to track views for new items. Updated affected pages accordingly. Added videos and blogs to archiving function. artists blog blog main php php videos videos
  4. feature Revised UI for switching between draft/published article, slightly cleaned up UI and styles. blog blog
  5. change Separated JSON list and Alpine helper functions from image uploader into more generic versions. Also corrected bug where default image couldn't be set after deleting previously-default image. images images index.php
  6. addition Added font to standardize look of H5 elements across site. Also made various styling improvements to links, lone checkboxes, etc. php style style
  7. change Made feature boxes on main page scroll horizontally rather than disappear. main main
  8. change Changed ranking poster to reflect changes to views system. php
  9. feature Made first pass at songs system. For now, tracks on releases will attempt to find a connected song in the database (and insert if none), then save ID. In the future, song titles will for the most part not be stored in the tracklists table. php php
  10. feature Added RH overview for Panda.
  11. feature Added more reporting to migration errors. migrations migrations
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  • #296 The design of the profile page was deformed, possibly due to the previews of the images of the band image bug:
  • #259 Some way to track instore events.
  • #239 Change symbols of magazines in artist profile, and possibly DT vs CD
  • #229 Actually make a table of member join/secede, so we can do cool graphs
  • #343 You cannot see all band images if you check it on your mobile phone.
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