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  1. bug fix Added media queries for releases page. releases
  2. bug fix Fixed issue with release modules breaking RSS feeds. rss
  3. change Reordered title elements in main template, and rewrote main meta description. php
  4. addition Added/rewrote various meta descriptions and titles. artists blog main releases releases releases releases videos videos
  5. bug fix Re-re-re-re-re-fixed thumbnail and removed report link from artists' videos page. artists
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  • #239 Change symbols of magazines in artist profile, and possibly DT vs CD
  • #238 Add check for file size or dimensions before uploading
  • #229 Actually make a table of member join/secede, so we can do cool graphs
  • #255 Make single line breaks work in comments. Possibly remove single line breaks from other text since it's not being used thoughtfully.
  • #252 Need to replace '.htaccess' with 'sitewide' in 'affects' section, and also remove dupes again
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