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Megaromania のニュース

2020-03-31 22:04:00 inartistic
An interview with Astaroth

Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth.

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2019-12-30 16:46:48 Leo
SUI (David/CULA/Megaromania) activities recap

A lot happened for SUI recently, so I thought it was about time we did a nice recap of all this stuff!

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2018-05-17 15:19:05 suji
Samples for David's mini-album, "Souseiroku Ⅰ ~Birth and Confession~" released!

As the release date edges closer and closer, samples for David's first mini-album, Souseiroku Ⅰ ~Birth and Confession~ have finally arrived! 🎆👏

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2018-02-01 01:41:21 inartistic
David mini-album details, oneman details, and more

ex-Megaromania vocalist SUI has revealed the details for the first mini-album from his solo project, David. Also announced is a second press of his single.

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2018-01-25 13:56:35 suji
Ray (ex-NEGA~Dead Children) will officially retire + session live

Ray (ex-NEGA, Dead Children, etc.) is officially calling it quits after his last live on April 20.

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