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Kuroi Kyuushoku Touban new full album: “404 not found” the Reveude final goods have been announced
XAVAK new mini-album: “Jorougumo” +Crowdfunding Campaign

XAVAK new mini-album: “Jorougumo” +Crowdfunding Campaign

Seraphim Seraphim

XAVAK will release a new mini-album.

Jorougumo (絡新婦) will be released on July 13th. This is the band's first mini-album. The release will contain 4 tracks, but details surrounding price are still to be announced.

The band will also be collaborating with the legendary costumers ID-Japan for this mini-album's music video and promotional look! ID-Japan are the company responsible for many iconic looks from the late 90s and 2000's, as well as many costume sets used by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands like LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (for Memento Mori), and Megaromania (for Heaven's Novel).

XAVAK put out a statement on Twitter explaining their excitement for being able to collaborate with such a legendary company, but in doing so, they have a great financial burden. To remedy this, they have started a crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunding page has a number of tiers available for support, including an option for foreign fans. With the overseas option, for 7,000 yen (roughly $46 USD), you receive the following:

  • a thank you message
  • advanced digital single of "Jorougumo"
  • name in credits
  • limited crowdfunding mini album cd
  • access to a live stream performance event
  • signed photo set

If you're able to support the top-tier, you can receive some really cool rewards such as: a year-long entry pass to all of their live shows, a one of a kind song + photo book, a studio live for one person in Tokyo, and more!

You can support the campaign here.

  1. 「・・・」
  2. Ai・Taishou Otome (哀・大正乙女)
  3. Jorougumo (女郎蜘蛛)
  4. Ushimitsumaeri (丑密参)
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Kuroi Kyuushoku Touban new full album: “404 not found” the Reveude final goods have been announced