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An interview with Astaroth


Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth.

Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single.

The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far.

Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview.

⚠ 日本語版へこちら。

  • Please introduce yourselves.

[MISAKI] I’m the vocalist with an 8th grader's delusions of grandeur, MISAKI. My member color is purple. Nice to meet you...

[Nagisa] I’m guitarist Nagisa.

[Kairi] I’m guitarist Kairi.

[Reno] I’m bassist Reno!

[Jun] I’m the drummer called Jun.

  • Please tell us how you formed.

[MISAKI] Originally I was working solo under the name Chinameyulu。 (血舐めゆる。) as a visual kei idol. At the same time, I kept asking myself “what do I really want to do...!?”

I tried out several different projects, but the whole time what I truly wanted to do was classic, orthodox visual kei.

Regardless, I started collecting members because I wanted to do a full band no matter what. At first, it didn’t work at all--actually, the lineup of this band changed about three times before starting (laugh).

At that time I was thinking “this is not good at all,” but I couldn’t give up, and eventually I was able to talk to all of these members and they agreed to join. Which brings us to now.

  • What is the origin and meaning of your name?

[MISAKI] About our band name, originally I was thinking of “a human who longs for Hell;” someone who was reincarnated and became a “demon.” But even after that, he was just a lowly demon who was still weak. So this person would dream still of being a strong demon; and so I named the band “Astaroth,” the name of a high-ranking demon.

  • What is the band's concept?

[MISAKI] Our concept is demons and Hell. That by itself doesn’t seem like much, but there’s more depth inside it... “The realm of devils who were born from negative emotions.”

An existence of negative emotions born from the ugliness of the human spirit, devils born from loneliness. Out of desire to escape the pain felt in daily life, I created my own realm, a “Hell that exists in reality.” Those who agree with my thoughts are called “demons,” and our Hell is developing.

In our own Hell, let’s do our best and forget the stress, struggle and pain that we encounter each day! I hope it will be such kind of place where we can go to together.



  • Why did each of you choose to join a VK band?

[MISAKI] The beginning of my music was X JAPAN. When I first heard “Kurenai,” I was thinking “what is this intense music!” I was seriously inspired. From there, I became interested in music, got into LUNA SEA, and then came across the band who really started me as a visual artist: Megaromania. After watching their “AURORA-destinies of world-” MV, I was inspired as I’d been when hearing “Kurenai.” I thought “I want to be like these people!” and started visual kei.

[Nagisa] The first one was DIR EN GREY, which had been recommended by a friend. For the first time I realized that such a form of expression was possible. Originally I was doing vocals for another vkei band, but then I learned of MEJIBRAY and was longing for MiA so I reincarnated as a guitarist.

[Kairi] When I was a student, I was introduced to L’Arc~en~Ciel; I wasn’t really conscious of vkei at the time, but from there I was attracted to more and more flashy bands, and so I naturally came to want to do makeup on myself in a band.

[Reno] I was greatly influenced by ナイトメア when I was a student, and that’s when I started playing bass. I wasn’t that I only wanted to do a vkei band from that time, but it feels like I arrived at this present form due to having so many ties to vkei.

[Jun] After being influenced by X JAPAN, my interest was brought out from there・・・ I guess.

  • You have used the phrase “Kansai kote-kei revives...”. What does that phrase mean to you? Does the VK of Kansai differ from other areas?

[MISAKI] In the past, Kansai was UNDER CODE PRODUCTION wasn’t it? It’s no exaggeration that I learned the ABCs of vkei by listening to songs of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands. Because I really respect that era, I’ve used the phrase “Kansai kote-kei revives.” It’s difficult to characterize the Kansai scene, but everyone is working hard to enliven it.

G. Nagisa

G. Nagisa

  • Please tell us some past or present VK bands that you listen to.



[Kairi] the GazettE、Acid Black Cherry

[Reno] ナイトメア, the GazettE, 蜉蝣

[Jun] As always, X JAPAN. Also LUNA SEA, Laputa, 覇叉羅, and DIR EN GREY.

  • Your first song, Fantasia-Ideal&Reality-, was written years ago. Why did you choose to make that song your debut single?

[MISAKI] Since I’ve been singing it for about two years since going solo, I decided to make it the first song of Astaroth. But I did change the lyrics.

G. Kairi

G. Kairi

  • The coupling song, Strawbloody, has an unexpected style. What was the process of composing this song? Can we expect to see this side of Astaroth again?

[MISAKI] “Strawbloody” is actually a song that I’ve been singing since I was solo. At that time it was called “Ichigo Milk” (い血ごみるく) (laughs). Cute huh? [Ed. note: “ichigo” means “strawberry,” but in this case he's inserted the kanji for “blood” (血, pronounced “chi”). So “strawbloody” is an approximation of that wordplay.]

To be honest, I was a little lost as to whether or not I should use this song for Astaroth. At that time I was thinking “MALICE MIZER was a band who valued aesthetics and would dance and whip their instruments.” Astaroth will also take that gimmick! So I changed “Ichigo Milk” to “Strawbloody” and now we perform it.

  • Your first MV has been well received. Is there a particular meaning behind the striking images in the MV? Could you tell us a little bit about how the MV was made?

[MISAKI] The lyrics of “Fantasia-Ideal&Reality-” are written from a mix of my own past experiences and the concept of the band, and so we wanted to do a lot of image cuts to express that story as much as possible. There’s a scene where I in my Astaroth costume touch hands with myself in my solo costume--I was very particular about this, as it represents my past weakness evolving into a demon.

B. Reno

B. Reno

  • Your first live was on January 24th. What are you satisfied with from that live? Is there something you’d like to improve on?

[MISAKI] Actualy, our first live was our secret oneman on January 16th. I sang one ballad as solo artist MISAKI, then announced the start of Astaroth in a video, and then performed for the remaining hour as Astaroth. Looking at the scene from that time, I just wanted to do my best.

On January 24th I was quite excited for our second live, but Nagisa-kun came down with the flu... (laughs) So my reflection point became physical condition management (laughs). Even devils can get the flu.

  • Before formally revealing yourselves, you posted a picture shrouded in darkness. What was the reason for this mysterious debut?

[MISAKI] Originally I didn’t intend to make it that dark, but it kept looking cooler by making it just a little darker... (laughs)

D. Jun

D. Jun

  • As a newer band, what challenges have you faced? What was the most difficult part of starting activity?

[MISAKI] As expected, it was the production of our first works. In order to prevent our costumes from looking too old-fashioned, we used material that gave them a casual touch, but this made doing poses during photoshoots a lot messier. And during song recording, we redid the recording until we were satisfied with it.

[Nagisa] Trying to figure out how to enhance our expressiveness. In addition to the music itself, we move along to the lyrics and have certain gestures during lives.

[Kairi] It’s not really a challenge, but keeping costumes and shoes clean. Of course hairstyle and makeup is really important too in this genre, but when standing on stage I feel that you can’t take it for granted that people will be looking at you. So I’ve been conscious about that recently. In short, I just like aesthetics (laughs)

[Reno] Astaroth has only just started so I haven’t gotten to try a lot; but I think there are a lot of experiences that can only be had with Astaroth, so I’ll keep trying things out!

[Jun] We’re just starting up, so every day is a challenge. So I don’t think there’s one challenge in particular...

  • How does this band differ from your past bands? Does it feel different to be an “official member” instead of a “support member”?

[Nagisa] The concept is firmly decided. And on the other hand, it’s a band where I can bring my personality out to the maximum.

[Kairi] I’ve been away from this world for a while and had time to think about music and bands, so I’m able to do Astaroth in a very level-headed state.

[Reno] I feel that my experience hasn’t differed much from past bands. However, there are points that I'll only be able to reach with Astaroth. I'd been working for a support bassist for about 4 years, so from the start I've felt a strong difference between being support and being an official member. It feels good to be more certain about my activity.

[Jun] What’s different from my previous bands is that Astaroth has a stronger concept, but it’s also a band in which I can express myself freely. The feeling that’s the same is making music together.

  • What is Astaroth’s next goal?

[MISAKI] Not to bring up sales, but it’s an important goal. For the time being, I’d love to be able to get 100 or more people to a oneman.

[Nagisa] There are no goals. I think there are just checkpoints. So it’s a matter of how do you get to the checkpoint?

[Kairi] I want us to be careful about arriving on time, including myself (laughs) Let’s become a band that’s punctual.

[Reno] I want to take things slowly and make sure I can accomplish each step!

[Jun] Rather than reaching for a goal, I want to take it.

  • Lastly, please give a message to everyone.

[MISAKI] Thanks for reading until the end. In the music we create, I will take you to the other realm that you’re searching for. Best regards in the future. Hell’s birth・・・ This was MISAKI of Astaroth.

[Nagisa] We’re just getting started, so I want current and future fans to know more about us. I hope you check us out so we can see the nice scenery of each other! Please follow us!

[Kairi] May Astaroth be with you in your life. Nothing is forever, but I’ll do my best to remember the members and demons so that they can exist for as long as possible.

[Reno] From now on, as Astaroth’s bassist, I’ll desperately work to be the top bassist in the scene. Thanks for your support!

[Jun] We’re still rushing toward things, but to all of our supporters, all of us members will continue to do our best. Thank you for your support. Let’s go crazy together!!!!



The band released their new single, Knife... yesterday. Their mini-album, Genesis of “Astaroth” ~Daiisshou~ (Genesis of “Astaroth” ~第一章~), is planned for a June 19th release. On the same day, they'll hold a sponsored event, Genesis of “Astaroth” -vol.1-, at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) VARON.

[Upcoming live schedule]

  • 4/18 Shinsaibashi BRAND NEW
  • 4/24 Urawa Narciss
  • 4/28 Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice
  • 5/10 Kansai
  • 5/11 Shinsaibashi Bigtwin Diner SHOVEL

To Astaroth, thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview! We wish you luck.

Thanks to @Ryu for coordination.

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An interview with Astaroth

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misaki is the only one who has taste, i'm shook

An interview with Astaroth

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An interview with Astaroth

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An interview with Astaroth

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This was a really good interview! Everyone gave strong answers that didn't seem canned.

Also, Megaromania + Malice Mizer were one of the first bands that got me into vkei as well, so I feel that.