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Which artists are allowed
vkgy is for visual kei. However, the following may be added under certain conditions:
  • non-visual must play at vk lives, and/or appear in vk omnibuses, and/or connect to a vk band/label.
  • proto-visual must connect to a vk band/label, and/or have played with early vk bands, and/or be demonstrabily influential to vk.
  • foreign must self-declare as vk, and appear somewhat visual, and be tangibly active (live concerts, paid releases).
  • doujin must self-declare as vk, and have vk-esque artwork, and be tangibly active (paid releases).

In all cases, please use artist tags and descriptions appropriately. Ask us if you have questions.
Which name should be used
  • Use the “most official” name, including all symbols and decoration, even if it's annoying.

    The Gazette, Cali Gari the GazettE, cali≠gari, CμЯЁ-βLAST
  • When romanizing, keep all symbols, letters, and numbers intact when possible (see Romanization). If an official romanization exists, use that instead.

    name サリィ。 romaji SALLY。 / name 愛狂います。 official romaji aicle。
  • A friendly name is generated, containing only letters, numbers, and hyphens. It can be changed when editing an artist's page, and may use an easier/more common spelling of the artist's name.

    The friendly name may also be used to differentiate artists: see “Friendly” names and Bands with the same name.

    name 大日本鬼端児組 悪童会に占拠され ゴシップ romaji Dainippon Onitanjigumi Akudoukai ni Senkyosare GOSSIP friendly gossip
“Friendly” names
  • All bands must have a unique friendly name. This is the name used in URLs, searches, and /slash/ notation.

    These names can only contain numbers, lowercase letters, and hyphens.
  • Friendly names are automatically generated when adding an artist, but can be manually edited via an 'edit artist' page.

    Auto-generated friendly names are based on romaji when possible, and the normal name otherwise. Apostrophes are removed, and all other symbols and spaces are converted to hyphens. Multiple hyphens are condensed to one hyphen.
  • In some cases, it makes sense to manually edit a friendly name to make it more clear.

    For example, the auto-generated friendly name for is c-last, because μ, Я, and Ё are treated as symbols. So, it was manually changed to cure-blast.

    For the band , whose auto-generated friendly is simply -, it was changed to... anus, since that's how their name is supposed to be pronounced (...).
  • Friendly names can also contain additional details like year of formation, area of activity, or most famous member (see Bands with the same name).
Bands with the same name
  • Two bands may have the same name, but each band must have a unique friendly name (see “Friendly” names).
  • You can differentiate two bands by attaching identifying information, such as year formed, area of activity, or famous member, to their friendly name.

    e.g. vs dali-fukuoka / vs angelique-90s / vs garden-kisaki
  • Typically, the most-recognizable band should keep its normal friendly name, while the lesser-known band should use the modified friendly name.

    For example, 's friendly name is simply dali, while 's is dali-fukuoka (the latter band being much less known than the former).
  • When attaching identifying information to friendly names, use whichever information makes the difference most obvious.

    For example, xyz-tokyo and xyz-osaka might be more clear than xyz-2010 and xyz-2011.
  • When adding a new artist, the friendly name is automatically generated; it can't be changed until after the artist is added (via its 'edit artist' page).

    So, if you're trying to add a new artist with the same name as an old one, and the system stops you, you can get around it like this:

    Choose the identifying information you'll use for the friendly name add it to both the name and romaji of the new artist after the artist is added, go to its 'edit artist' page and remove the identifying information from the name and romaji, but leave it in the friendly.
Linking musicians to artists
  • When an artist is added, the system will auto-link any musicians whose band history mentions that artist.

    Auto-linking is based on exact spelling, so it may miss some musicians or incorrectly link others. It's always good to double-check the artist page or to use the musician search function.

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