Documentation: Translation

How to translate vkgy
  • Translations are in beta mode-currently, only editors may access the change language function or contribute translations.
  • To help translate vkgy, navigate to the translations section via the language dropdown at the top of the page. Once there, browse the English strings and click “more” to add a translation for that string.
  • Translations can be filtered by section. (Strings in the “UI” section affect all pages.) Other filters will be coming soon.
Accepting/rejecting translations
  • If you're fluent in a particular language, please vote on any translations that you agree or disagree with. The proposed translation with the most votes will be accepted as correct, while any translation with negative votes will be rejected.
Allowed languages
  • The change language dropdown at the top of the page currently lists several languages, but this list is not at all finalized. Please suggest any additions/removals in the #vkgy-meta channel on our Discord.