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Documentation: Markdown

Markdown basics
  • “Markdown” is type of code that allows you to format your text when adding blog posts or comments.

    *This band* is **awesome**. I had to [Google]( them. This band is awesome. I had to Google them.
  • Lists are easy, and you can easily separate sections with lines, if you want:

    * List
    * List


    1. Another
    1. List
    • List
    • List

    1. Another
    2. List
Linking articles
  • vkgy has its own special version of Markdown that has additional features.

    To generate an artist link, type its name in /slashes/, and the system will do the rest. In most areas, as soon as you type the first /, the system will offer autocomplete suggestions.

    You can use Japanese or romaji, and don't have to capitalize or include symbols—the system will pull those automatically.

    Note that, when editing a page, artist links will appear like this: (123)/band name/. The (123) is the numeric link to the artist; but the system will add that part automatically, as long as you've used /slashes/.

    /la sadies/ and /sugar forkful/ sound nothing alike. La:Sadie's and SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル) sound nothing alike.
  • You can even link an artist while displaying a different name, by following the with the [display name]:

    /inspire/ used to be called /inspire/[Ruin's;lave]. Inspire used to be called Ruin's;lave.
  • Linking to labels is the same as linking to artists, but you use = instead, =like this=. Again, in most places, as soon as you type =, the autocomplete will start working.

    Also like artists, you can link to a label while displaying a different name, if you want.

    =soleil matina= sometimes called itself =soleil matina=[MATINA]. Soleil Matina sometimes called itself MATINA.
  • You can reference other vkgy users with an @:

    @inartistic inartistic
  • You can embed images, and give them a title if you'd like.

    ![You can also leave the brackets blank, if you want.](
    You can also leave the brackets blank, if you want.
    You can also leave the brackets blank, if you want.
  • Easily embed release information from vkgy, or tweets, or YouTube videos, just by pasting the link:

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