Documentation: Rules

Rules for participating in vkgy
The below rules apply to vkgy and any of its associated sites or platforms. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in reduction of participation privileges or a ban.
  1. Be kind and respectful when commenting or interacting. No bullying, trolling, racism, or similar behavior will be tolerated.
  2. No references to downloading or trading are allowed. User profiles may not link to accounts whose main purpose is trading.
  3. Avoid fighting and unproductive bickering. Disagreements should be discussed in a respectful manner.
Disallowed content
  • Discussion of or participation in downloading, uploading, or trading is not allowed. User profiles may not link to websites promoting these actions.
  • Scans of interviews or other magazine features are not allowed.
  • Lyrics are not allowed.
  • NSFW content and offensive imagery are not allowed in user submitted content, but are allowed in official artist photography, release covers, etc. Such images must be tagged appropriately.
  • Videos may only be added if they are from an official account of the band, its label, or its members.
User roles
Each role includes certain permissions by default, but these may also be enabled on a per-user basis. Failure to follow rules may result in loss of certain permissions.
  • All users may comment, collect releases, tag artists, add images, use vkgy with Mp3tag, and create a custom avatar.
  • Editors can add/edit most types of data.
  • Moderators can add/edit additional types of data, approve data, and delete data.
  • VIP users (Patreon supporters) can view all images unwatermarked and at full size, access the exclusive Discord channel, access exclusive avatar items, and more.
How to contribute to vkgy
  1. Contribute information in an unofficial capacity by leaving useful information in comments or at our Discord.
  2. After a certain number of useful contributions, you may be eligible for an editor account. Please request one when you feel you are ready.
  3. Once you are an editor, please read through these docs to familiarize yourself with our various systems. Feel free to request help in our Discord.
  4. The moderator role may be requested if you have shown profiency with our systems as well as decision-making that aligns with our values.