Documentation: Livehouses

Livehouse names
  • Use the “most official” name (typically the text in the logo). Include all symbols and typesetting.
  • Typically, the area should be excluded from the name, and selected from the area dropdown instead.
If the area is part of the name, it can stay (e.g. HOLIDAY NAGOYA).
  • Common nicknames/misspellings can be added in the nicknames field.
  • The friendly name is automatically generated, but may be manually edited. It can contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens, and must be unique for each livehouse.
  • Nicknames, when typed into the artist's bio (Editing artists), will automatically resolve to the full livehouse name. Because of this, no two livehouses can have the same nickname.
Several nicknames are generated for each livehouse automatically, but you can manually add them in the nicknames field (comma separated). Add only common nicknames or very common misspellings.
  • When a livehouse changes its name, it should be added as a new livehouse. Then, on the old livehouse, use the changed name to field to link to the new name.
Livehouse details
  • For area select whichever area the livehouse uses on its official site. If not specified, choose the most specific area that's commonly mentioned in Google searches for the livehouse.
(Within the database, smaller areas are auto-linked to their larger regions; so eventually you'll be able to see all livehouses “in Osaka,” for example, and it will list ones whose areas are within Osaka.)
  • Areas can only be added by certain members. Leave a comment somewhere or hop on Discord to request the addition of areas.
  • Capacity can usually be found at the livehouse's official site (search for “キャパ”).
The capacity field accepts numbers with or without separating comma (e.g. 1,000 or 1000). It may also be left blank.
  • Different stages or rooms within the same livehouse should be added as separate livehouses.
Merging duplicate livehouses
  • Livehouses should only be merged if the same livehouse was accidentally added twice. This is not for livehouses that changed their name (see Livehouse names).
  • Use the merge data from field to merge data from the selected livehouse into the livehouse you're currently editing.
That is, the livehouse you're currently editing will remain, while the one selected in merge data from will be deleted.
  • After merging the two livehouses, the system will automatically correct any lives that referenced the incorrect livehouse.