Documentation: Musicians

Adding musicians
  • Use the musician's real name (or most common name) and most common position.
  • Each musician must belong to at least one artist that's already in the database. See: Band history.
Editing musicians
  • To edit a musician's name, band history—or additional details such as blood type—navigate to the 'edit artist' page for any band of which he's a member.
  • birth date can accept the following formats: yyyy, yyyy-mm, yyyy-mm-dd, mm-dd. Years are also accepted in imperial calendar format.
1977-06-31, H6-03-28, 04-16
  • blood type accepts any input (i.e. custom blood types are allowed).
  • Staff can be indicated by changing the musician's position to staff. You can give further context in the custom position section (e.g. roadie).
Band history
  • This section contains a musician's entire band history, and is how the musicians and artists get linked within the database.
  • Each line in the band band history represents an era in time, from earliest band at the top, to most-recent band at the bottom.
A new line (or era) is made when the musician leaves one band and joins another, or when he changes names or position within the band.
  • Using vkgy's special /slash/ notation (see Markdown), you can link the musician to the bands within his band history.
For bands that aren't in the database yet, you can leave them as plain text (romanized name first, followed by the Japanese).

If multiple bands occurred at the same time, separate them with commas.

/sugar forkful/
/la sadies/, Doku yori CHOCO (毒よりチョコ)
SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル)
La:Sadie's, Doku yori CHOCO (毒よりチョコ)
  • Since one-off sessions don't typically count as an “era,” they should be put roughly where they occurred in the timeline, but separated by a pipe. These sessions will be displayed separately.
Ongoing sessions can be treated like normal bands.

/anti feminism/
∀NTI FEMINISM (アンチフェミニズム)
  • Use (notes) when a musician changes name or position, if he is a roadie or support member, etc. Keep notes specific and use multiple notes if necessary.
/Dali/ (roadie)
/Dali/ (on vocals) (support) (as Mr. ReNN)
/DIR EN GREY/ (?), (president of Matina)
/Arc/ (as R.E.N.)
Dali (roadie)
Dali (on vocals) (support) (as Mr. ReNN)
DIR EN GREY (?), (president of Matina)
Arc (as R.E.N.)
  • If the musician is not in a currently active band, the last line of his band history should be blank; the system will intepret this as “current activity unknown.”
If the musician is retired or deceased, that should be indicated on the last line instead.

or /dali/