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Having trouble keeping up with when new music comes out? Look no further!

One of the things I see quite often in various visual-kei circles and friend groups is that it can be a bit difficult for some to keep track of when new music comes out. Unless you actively follow a band very closely, or happen to be in contact with someone who does, it's easy to not realize something is out for a while. This is especially true when bands sometimes wait 2 weeks, and in some cases up to 6 months, to put their material out on streaming or digital purchase platforms.

I had spoken with @inartistic about this a couple weeks ago and one of the ideas that came up was to create a Spotify playlist to house new releases. 🎉

These playlists will be a monthly series, each containing a song from an artist who has put out content that month. Viable entry include both new releases and ones that are new to the platform (as noted by Angelo in this month's playlist!). I'll make an article at the end of each month announcing the new list, but these will be public so you're free to save them at any point as more stuff gets added to them.

Happy listening 🎼

This month's list features entries from: nurié, the Reveude (the Reveude -リヴード-), Angels' Temptation, Angelo, D=OUT (ダウト), Kane to Juusei (鐘ト銃声), AIOLIN, Z CLEAR, Kyoso DOPPEL (狂想ドッペル), Escape from Tomorrow, CHOKE, NUL., Kanau・・・ (叶う・・・), i.D.A, MAMA., and CULA.


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anonymous SoltheIceedge
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Whoa, this looks like it's gonna be a great monthly playlist; thank you for putting in your time to craft this, Seraphim and inartistic!

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You're welcome! I hope this will be a useful tool and something for people to look forward to each month :D Official New Releases Playlist

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This is really awesome, thank you!