Matina event revealed: Matina ALL STARS(?!), MIRAGE burial(?!), KISAKI retirement(??) and new company(?!)

Matina event revealed: Matina ALL STARS(?!), MIRAGE burial(?!), KISAKI retirement(??) and new company(?!)

More details of the Matina memorial live have been announced (a little earlier than originally planned!):

Event details (MIRAGE and Matina ALL STARS)

The “MIRAGE & Matina 20TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR” memorial event, BURIAL OF EPISODE-TOKYO-, will be held at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE on 2018-03-31.

As expected, MIRAGE will appear. Original members AKIRA, YAYOI, and KISAKI will be joined by VANIRU drummer Matarou (魔太朗) and―surprisingly―SHAZNA guitarist A.O.I.

A partially-announced session band, Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那オールスターズ), will feature DOUT (ダウト) vocalist Kouki (幸樹) [ex-/Mist of Rouge], More bassist Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) [ex-Mist of Rouge], and †я i ¢к drummer TERO (テロ) [ex-VIDOLL], all of whom were Matina musicians. (Guitarists TBA.)

The cast is rounded out by bands with strong relationships to KISAKI, many of which MIRAGE/Matina were active with. And lastly, a large session will perform.


Premium tickets, which include an original t-shirt, will be sold for 8,000 yen via the official web shop from 2017-10-07 through 2017-10-29. Regular tickets cost 4,800 yen.

All attendees will receive an unspecified memorial good (possibly a sticker, or something like that), after all bands have played.



  • 【V. AKIRA / G. YAYOI / B. KISAKI / Support G. A.O.I / D. Matarou】
  • 覇叉羅
  • KING
  • Kra
  • Matina ALL STARS (魔帝那 ALL STARS)
  • 【V. Kouki (幸樹) / B. Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之) / D. TERO (テロ)】
  • (large session)

MIRAGE “burial”

Interestingly, a MIRAGE flyer advertising the event has been produced, and the flyer features the word “burial” (埋葬) in large characters. Normally I'd assume this was simply an aesthetic choice, but the official press release accompanying the flyer specifically calls it out―so the phrase “burial” has some larger meaning for the event.

Also note that MIRAGE has a new logo...

(Just conjecture on my part, but I'm guessing 2018 will be a “burial year” wherein they perform a few times and then never revive again.)

KISAKI “retirement”

The official press release for the event features a blurb about KISAKI's activity:

2016年3月20日、凛の解散を境に、KISAKIは表舞台のみならず音楽業界からぶっつりと姿を消してしまった。正確に語るなら、友情出演、ゲスト出演という名のもとKISAKI SESSION BAND/KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomiとして短いライブを2本だけ。でも今でも友人バンドや仲間たちとの交流は今も続けている。それでも、自ら表舞台へ戻ることは明確な理由がない限り頑なに拒否してきた。


The gist of it, if I understand correctly (and please correct me if I'm wrong), is that: he's withdrawing the word “retire” (eg. he's no longer officially retired), but he can no longer continue the cycle of form/disband/form/disband; in the future, he will only appear on stage if it's really important to him.

New company...?

Officially, the memorial event is being sponsored by KISAKI himself, rather than a record label. But! Tickets for the event will be on sale through the web shop of a previously-unknown company: LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP.

And funnily enough... if you go to the company's web shop at, they're currently selling KISAKI and LIN items.

So [again, conjecture] it would seem that LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is a new company founded by KISAKI. I wouldn't jump on the hype train and assume it's a new music label, but hopefully he'll at least become more involved behind the scenes in VK again.


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    • danki21 2018-01-01 22:02:29
      thank for the info

      thank for the info

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      Wow, there are more things than expected. Really curious about Lorelei.

      Wow, there are more things than expected. Really curious about Lorelei.

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