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2016-09-01 20:31:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 9/1

Some minor news items from the past few days:

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2015-03-06 01:44:00 inartistic
Introduction to Sherella

Sherella is a new band that formed on September of last year, and features ex-La:Sadie's~HISKAREA guitarist Shio and ex-SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル) bassist Yu, along with ex-Crucifixion and Bakuonsentai ANIRANGER members.

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2014-10-12 06:19:00 inartistic
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM lineup change and release details

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has lost members Shio (ex-HISKAREA) and PEPA, but has gained bassist Mikoto (ex-Vallquar) and zodd (ex-ZODIA (ゾディア))! Details of their first single, [Kairai][1] (傀儡) have also been revealed.

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2013-12-21 03:04:00 inartistic
AYAME memorial 90s visual event

KISAKI has announced a memorial event for AYAME, the ex-drummer of MIRAGE who passed away this year. The 3 day event features a slew of one-day revivals from infamous 90s visual kei bands, with MIRAGE headlining each event. Check out the full details below:

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2013-01-25 00:05:00 anonymous
[Archived] Still selling!!!


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