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2021-02-21 03:46:00 inartistic
KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) has announced his birthday event, a miraculous reunion of KISAKI and many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

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2018-12-05 02:23:42 inartistic
[feature(?)] Visual kei Exodia

This is a dumb, but it made me laugh.

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2016-10-10 01:33:00 inartistic
hurts and Lamina revive for one day! Plus Lucifer's lives

Yayy! In celebration of the birthday of Lucifer's underground guitarist Maki (真稀), his previous bands , hurts, and Lamina will hold a one-day revival!

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2015-03-05 14:32:00 inartistic
News roundup 3/5

Here's some minor news:

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2015-01-05 20:56:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 1/5

Here's the latest minor news:

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2014-12-31 19:16:00 inartistic
First mini-album and oneman from Lucifer's underground

ex-Cu[be] and ex-hurts members' new band, Lucifer's underground, will release its first mini-album!! The CD, [Fujitsu na UMBRELLA][1] will be released on 2015-03-04. The band has also announced some sponsored events, as well as its first oneman, which will be held on 2015-06-22!

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2014-08-26 13:05:00 inartistic
Lucifer's underground first official photography

Lucifer's underground—ex-hurts vocalist HINA's latest ongoing session project which features ex-Cu[be] members—has taken their first official photography. Check it out above.

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2014-07-28 18:27:00 inartistic
HINA's lyrics

ex-hurts (and a lot more) vocalist HINA (ヒナ) has posted lyrics to his original song Ruten (流転). I assume it's played by his current project Lucifer's underground.

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