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2020-09-27 04:08:00 Ryu
Eins:Vier new mini-album

Eins:Vier's 30th anniversary project 「Eins:Vier 30th Anniversary Project」 has finally announced the details about their mini-album which will be released this fall, also the band has published new artists photos.

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2020-07-26 12:31:09 kumika
Eins:Vier new single: “three stories”

Eins:Vier has released a new single.

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2020-06-25 15:19:00 Laurence02
ROCKMAYKAN Densetsu: a KISAKI-produced omnibus to help preserve Meguro ROCKMAYKAN's 40 years of activity [PR]

"ROCKMAYKAN Densetsu (鹿鳴館伝説)" is a special 4-disc omnibus coordinated and produced by KISAKI (Matina~UNDER CODE PRODUCTION) to support livehouse Meguro (目黒) ROCKMAYKAN (鹿鳴館) during the coronavirus era, and to celebrate its 40th anniversary. it features tracks (some rare, some remastered) from bands which represent the breadth of the 90s era of visual kei.

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2019-01-25 23:39:30 suji
KRISHNA BLUE new full album “Number Nine”

KRISHNA BLUE will put out a new full album.

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2018-09-22 00:48:00 inartistic
Eins:Vier new live recording “Tour 2018 “Searching For You” Final @ TSUTAYA O-WEST”

Eins:Vier will put out a new live recording PV.

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