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Dead Children のニュース

2021-02-21 08:46:00 inartistic
KAIRI (Siva) announces birthday event with KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) has announced his birthday event, a miraculous reunion of KISAKI and many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION labelmates!

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2019-01-23 14:55:49 Seraphim
Missa (not) new mini-album “Nanatsu no Taizai," joins Starwave, and self-cover mini-album

Missa (魅裟) will be re-releasing their first mini-album

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2018-01-25 18:56:35 suji
Ray (ex-NEGA~Dead Children) will officially retire + session live

Ray (ex-NEGA, Dead Children, etc.) is officially calling it quits after his last live on April 20.

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2017-08-17 10:16:38 inartistic
New band: MOB

ex-Aliene Ma'riage~Dead Children guitarist MAST has founded a new band: MOB.

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2016-07-04 17:51:00 inartistic
ex-Dead Children Cain joins Kebyo

Days after Dead Children dissolved, guitarist Cain has already joined a new band.

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2016-04-21 08:50:00 inartistic
Minor news 4/21

So busy lately ( ;∀;) So, sorry for the lack of updates. Here are some minor ones from recent weeks:

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2016-03-18 15:37:00 Seraphim
Dead Children are Disbanding

At their one-man live "処す。(shosu)," Dead Children announced that they will be holding their last live "Dead Children PARTY The final curse…" on June 29th at RUDIO K3, which will also mark the end of their activities. No further details of releases or reasoning for their decision have been shared thus far.

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2015-12-23 17:25:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 12/23

Minor news roundup for 2015-12-23:

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2015-12-19 22:52:00 inartistic
Dead Children live clip

Dead Children have shared a live clip of the song Black Lily:

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2015-11-22 17:17:00 inartistic
SUI and MIZALY special oneman live

SUI and MIZALY of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) will hold their special request live and “tribute oneman”, Proof of raison d'etre, on 2016-02-14 at Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER. Their tribute session band “10TH REINCARNATION” will perform, along with opening acts Dead Children, RAINDIA (レインディア), and PARANOID≠CIRCUS.

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2015-09-02 19:13:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 9/2

Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

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2015-08-21 05:39:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 8/21

The latest minor news:

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2015-08-14 18:11:00 suji
Dead Children unveils 'Black Lily' PV + new member

Dead Children has revealed their newest PV! Black Lily will be featured on their first mini-album, [Haunted Vox][1].

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