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2017-10-03 15:09:25

LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is selling a few things, and I noticed two items of note:

2017-08-20 11:12:53
MIZALY to make announcement

ex-Megaromania~LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist MIZALY (aka 美沙麗-Misery-) has mentioned that he will make an important announcement at 18:00 on 2017-08-21.

2017-07-27 08:41:00
Sami (ex-CindyKate) passes away...

According to SHIBUYA-REX booking manager Yuya (裕也), Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) ~ FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール)) passed away on 2017-07-18.


2016-11-08 18:51:00
Minor(?) news roundup 11/8 PART.0.7

Work/life has been 💩💩💩 lately, so here's a roundup of stuff that I haven't posted (probably not “minor,” but I'm not making separate posts for all this shit!).

2016-09-21 15:14:00
AVANCHICK new look, album details, and more

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) has revealed their new artist photos and the covers/tracklist for their upcoming album.

2016-04-04 13:44:00
MARCO 3-month consecutive concept singles + quick introduction

Rutta (ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト)) new band MARCO (マルコ) has been quite busy since their formation in 2014.


2015-08-22 15:52:00
Masami (ex-CindyKate~FOODED SEAL) to retire

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール), the “bad luck band” formed by ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) drummer Masami (雅美), held their last live on 2015-08-18 and disbanded. Masami also announced his retirement at the event :(.

2015-04-27 10:09:00
FOODED SEAL last support members and disbandment

Bad luck band FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) its last support member lineup (see below), which will begin performing on 2015-05-19 at Shibuya REX. The band will hold a sponsored event on 2015-07-04 (details TBA), and another on 2015-08-18―at which FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) will make an important announcement and disband.

2015-01-05 20:56:00
Minor news roundup 1/5

Here's the latest minor news:

2015-01-05 20:03:00
GOEMON RECORDS tours and coupling omnibus

Hot indie visual label started by ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト), GOEMON RECORDS, has several live tours and events planned for 2015, including its 2nd anniversary tour! On 2015-04-22, the label will also release its first coupling omnibus, [ALL I NEED][1], including new songs and live footage from ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), PENTAGON (ペンタゴン), and REALies. Check below for all the live details:


2014-08-06 01:42:00

On 2014-07-09, a special session band comprised of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION roadies held its first (and only) live:

2014-08-02 02:22:00
FOODED SEAL new lineup

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール)'s new lineup has been preliminarily revealed:

2014-07-29 14:20:00
GOEMON BBQ, CindyKate revival, MARMOT event, and more

Aww, check out this shot from the recent “GOEMON RECORDS family” BBQ gathering ↑. They love each other ;_;. Anyway, here's a roundup of some GOEMON RECORDS news, feat. ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), CindyKate (シンディケイト), and REALies!

2014-07-10 13:33:00
News roundup 7/10

Here's the latest news, featuring ex-chariots, CARAT (カラット) (カラット), ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト), ex-ClearVeil, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) (たとえばこんなはなし), ex-Vasalla (覇叉羅) (覇叉羅), and more:

2014-05-30 03:41:00
CindyKate one day revival!

Long-running visual band MoNoLith is disbanding this August, and have been doing special projects as part of their last tour. Today, they announced that they'll “redo” their twoman live vs CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト), which was originally held in 2012... which means that CindyKate (シンディケイト) will hold a one day revival!!

2014-05-22 14:15:00
AVANCHICK revealed

The lineup of AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) (アヴァンチック) was finally revealed yesterday! The band has also announced its first release and uploaded a clip of a PV for the song Maria.

2014-05-14 17:57:00
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary

On 2014-09-22, legendary visual kei hair & makeup house Tritt für Tritt will celebrate its 10th(!) anniversary with a huge modeling & live event in Ikebukuro (池袋). After teasing details for the past five months, Tritt für Tritt has finally announced the full lineup of participants in its event―and a plethora of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musicians will appear!

2014-04-10 10:58:00
ex-CindyKate new band: AVANCHICK

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト) guitarist Otake (おたけ) has announced his new band: AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) (アヴァンチック)!!

2014-02-21 15:35:00
Megaromania birthday event additions

More lineup details have been announced regarding the birthday events of ex-Megaromania members 美沙麗-Misery- and 邑詩-Yushi-:

2014-02-08 01:54:00
Raychel BAND to disband

Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) (れいちぇるバンド) will hold their disbandment sponsored event on 2014-03-21, sponsored by label Musoukai (無双会). I hope that Ray will announce some new activity at that time...

2014-02-08 00:46:00
GOEMON RECORDS 1st anniversary tour

GOEMON RECORDS recently announced their 1st anniversary tour. Check below for full details:

2014-01-29 23:45:00
REALies and ARLEQUIN live updates 1/29

GOEMON RECORDS has announced its sponsored event and special lives to celebrate the birthdays of ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) (アルルカン) drummer Tamon (堕門) and REALies vocalist Rayka and bassist 明イ-akino-:


2013-12-23 11:24:00
Masami (Sami) updates

Here are a few updates on the solo activities of Masami (雅美), ex-drummer of CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト) and current vocalist of FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール):

2013-12-19 22:14:00
Updates on Ray activities

Updates on the activities of Ray (ex-NEGA):

2013-12-10 14:13:00
Some minor REALies updates


2013-12-04 17:32:00
GOEMON RECORDS events and Sui session final

GOEMON RECORDS has announced a few events in the New Year, including some REALies×ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) (アルルカン) crossovers, and the final appearance of ex-Megaromania vocalist 翠-Sui-'s session band.

2013-12-04 15:58:00
Otake in A to Z session

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト) guitarist Otake (おたけ) will appear in a session band called Jin no Settai BAND (仁の接待バンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト)) / D. Jin (A→Z.) / G.&B. TBA】 on 2014-02-19 at A→Z.'s sponsored event.

2013-11-12 13:09:00
FOODED SEAL's bad luck

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) (フーデッドシール), new band of ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) drummer Sami (沙美), has had some bad luck, despite only just forming! In a post called “the bad luck band”, Sami (沙美) has mentioned that he has suffered food poisoning, drummer Sayuki (さゆき) dropped his phone in water, and guitarist KaoL has broken his foot and can't perform with the band for at least a month!

2013-11-12 13:01:00
Shugokusatsu (and related) recent activity

Couple of bits of info about Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺), the continuous session band of ex-SUZAKU (朱) (朱) vocalist Itsuki (樹) and ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA:

2013-10-23 21:43:00
REALies and ARLEQUIN additional events

GOEMON RECORDS has announced some additional events for REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) (アルルカン)! ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) will hold a double birthday event, and REALies will hold a two-part Christmas oneman.

2013-10-22 16:08:00

2013-09-22 21:51:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ' UNDER CODE family session event

FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- is sponsoring a session event comprised almost entirely of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members! Check out the awesome lineup below:

2013-09-22 21:34:00
ex-UCP sessions update 2013-09-22

Here are some recent and upcoming sessions featuring ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members. Know something I missed? Share it in the comments!

2013-08-13 23:38:00
Session updates 2013-08-13

Here's an update of the sessions which various ex-UNDER CODE artists are performing with!

2013-08-13 22:34:00

<a class="entry-image" href=" (アルルカン).png" title="ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) sample="ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) sample" src="/i.php?q=100&w=630&src=/uploads/2013-08-07-ARLEQUIN (アルルカン).png" /></a>

2013-08-07 17:55:00
New band: ARLEQUIN

[![](/i.php?q=100&w=630&src=/uploads/2013-08-07-ARLEQUIN (アルルカン).png)]( (アルルカン).png)

2013-08-05 19:22:00
[Archived] Undercode sales


2013-07-31 10:01:00
ex-NEGA Ray activity

ex-NEGA bassist and leader Ray has recently announced some new activity! First, he's taken on the role of producer for fledgling band [DECIDE][1]! Furthermore, he's announced the start of his session band, Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) (れいちぇるバンド), with ex-NEGA and ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) members!!

2013-07-31 09:29:00
CindyKate last live releases

CindyKate (シンディケイト) has announced the sale of a last live DVD as well as a collection of photographs taken at the live.

2013-07-14 20:37:00
CindyKate drummer activity

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) (シンディケイト) drummer Sami (沙美) (沙美) has announced that he will participate in session band VIRGIN HUNTER (ヴァージンハンター) 【V. Takeru (DIANA) / G. Maki (DIANA) / G. Isami (DIANA) / B. Rei (ex-Hi:BRiD) / D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト))】 on 2013-07-15 at Birth Shinjuku.

2013-07-13 09:27:00
Vior gloire's last live

Vior gloire successfully finished their 2 year anniversary and last live oneman, XOR vior ~2 Nenkan no Kansha wo Komete~ (XOR vior ~2年間の感謝を込めて~), the other day. It seems that the live was a success, with several fellow ex-UCP bandmates attending and several fans offering flowers to the band. ex-bassist RENA posted the setlist, and I've reposted it below:

2013-07-12 09:17:00
CindyKate's last goods

CindyKate (シンディケイト) has announced their last goods which will be sold at their last oneman live on July 13th (tomorrow!). Check the list below:

2013-06-24 14:02:00
ex-Cu[be] updates

The ex-members of Cu[be] had a gathering yesterday, so I thought it would be a good time to give an update on what they're doing!

2013-06-13 21:36:00

REALies vocalist Rayka and CindyKate (シンディケイト) vocalist YUUI have announced the start of their online radio show, -My Trip Goemon Theater- (-My Trip 五右衛門 Theater-)!

2013-05-10 14:38:00

2013-05-04 19:10:00
REALies' fresh start

2013-02-27 10:44:00
Collection album privileges

I've compiled a list of all shop privileges for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's recently-released and upcoming collection albums. So if any of you are planning to buy any, be sure to get the best privileges! (And maybe even coordinate with each other to get different privileges and share them~!)

2013-02-16 09:18:00
[Archived] A lot of new stuff from Undercode Production, Dir en grey and many other bands for sale!!

I updated my sales-journal with a lot of new stuff, mostly Undercode bands: will find stuff from bands like 12012, Arc, FUTURIZM BOYZ, CindyKate (シンディケイト),- Cu[be], Syndrome, MIRAGE, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Phantasmagoria and many more!!Please take a look here for CDs: Noble-Sympatha-CDsIf you are interested in photosets, cheki, photocards etc, follow this link: Photosets, cheki, etc

2013-02-02 13:42:00
CindyKate to disband

2013-01-15 10:15:00


2012-12-31 13:24:00
UNDER CODE last birthday event

2012-10-15 19:24:00

2012-10-13 02:47:00
CindyKate's 2013 oneman

[![]( (シンディケイト).png)]( (シンディケイト).png)

2012-10-12 03:36:00
LIN birthday events


2012-09-08 14:30:00
CindyKate to release album ...sort of

[![]( (シンディケイト).png)]( (シンディケイト).png)

2012-08-23 07:30:00
CindyKate's important announcement(?)

[![]( (シンディケイト).png)]( (シンディケイト).png)

2012-07-02 22:24:00
[Archived] ☆ HUGE VK SALE ☆

Hi, I am having a major visual kei sale at my sale journal, and I have several UNDER CODE items that some of you might be interested in! ♥CD/DVD:

2012-06-29 14:07:00
Limited releases now on sale

2012-06-23 19:02:00
[Archived] Ceki/Checki trade?

Hello!I have 3 checkis of Maaya (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) for trade and 1 Checki of Chikage (Megaromania)They are all signed!

2012-06-13 16:13:00
[Archived] Urgent sale! Vior gloire & Megaro

Hi! I'm urgently selling these Vior gloire items:

2012-05-31 04:09:00
CindyKate's summer tour and song explanations

[![]( (シンディケイト)-thumb.jpg)]( (シンディケイト).png)

2012-05-23 18:11:00
CindyKate's live-limited mini-albums

[![]( (シンディケイト)-thumb.jpg)]( (シンディケイト).png)

2012-05-17 04:28:00
[Archived] CindyKate live-limited CD + cover art

originally posted at

2012-05-17 04:15:00
CindyKate release updates

Although it wasn't announced beforehand, it seems that シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) sold a special CD at bassist まぁや (Maaya)'s birthday event live. It featured a CindyKate (シンディケイト) cover (with vocals by Maaya), Maaya's first original song, and a special birthday comment. See below more information.

2012-03-14 01:45:00
UNDER CODE 9th anniversary addition

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION recently announced an additional event to its “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” live series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary.

2012-02-27 09:49:00
CindyKate's new single

シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) have announced the release of a new single! It's called デコトラの星☆ (DEKOTORA no Hoshi☆)—apparently DEKOTORA stands for “decorated truck” (why would the Japanese have a common term for this?)—and will be released on May 9th, in three types.

2012-02-19 23:50:00
[Archived] Magazines for sale

Hey everyone~! I am moving overseas in a couple of weeks and I have a lot of J-rock/Visual Kei magazines for sale. Among them, I have Cure Magazine Vol. 89 (February 2011) with CindyKate (シンディケイト) on the cover, and Cure Vol. 68 (May 2009) with chariots on the cover. If y'all are interested, please have a look over [here][1] at my journal! Thanks for looking~! :)

2012-01-25 03:56:00
[Archived] Update: 9th anniversary fan book due dates

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-23 10:51:00
9th anniversary fan book

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-01 01:36:00
Kansai Seiatsu report

Well, Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 is officially over, and it was incredible! For those of you who attended the live stream, I'm so glad I got to share that moment with you! For those of you who couldn't watch, I did my best to keep track of the setlists. So here are those, plus some mini reports. Enjoy! And let's hope that there will be more events like this in the future!


2011-12-31 06:06:00

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced some special events to celebrate its 9th anniversary! The event series is called RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS.

2011-12-04 23:17:00
[Archived] 凛 new flyer scan

i got some new flyer from the visual kei shops in Japan. i have still REALies, NEGA, Megaromania, Dali, spiv states, Kaiki!! Doubutsu AGITATOR (怪奇!!動物アジテーター), undercode countdown event, chariots, cindy kate, RIKU and KANATA birthday event.write if u need something more.

2011-11-27 17:43:00
RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER minor news roundup

There are lots of little bits of news about last night's 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event, and reports/pictures are just starting to pour in, so I thought I'd do a little roundup post. I'll add stuff as I find it (and feel free to add your own!)

2011-11-05 05:54:00

I'm happy to announce that the WE LOVE UNDER CODE sponsored virtual live has officially been decided!! VIRTUAL SUPPRESSION will be held on November 19th (Saturday), streaming online worldwide through USTREAM.

2011-11-05 03:06:00
[Archived] RIKU and KANATA birthday events

UNDER CODE has announced two special birthday events for both RIKU and KANATA (vocalist and guitarist of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-))! Both lives will feature special session bands and as-of-yet-unannounced special projects.

2011-11-04 22:59:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu addition...

An additional band will appear at UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event... 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-))! It has just been decided that LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) will play and do the honors of the countdown to 2012. I'm glad that they decided to appear after all!

2011-10-17 10:27:00
[Archived] Official shop group order (KISAKI PROJECT + NEGA)

Hey guys. I'm opening a group order from UNDER CODE OFFICIAL WEB SHOP.

2011-10-17 10:23:00
[Archived] New goods at official web shop

The official web shop has just added some new goods!

2011-09-20 19:17:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 and special session night

Yay! UNDER CODE's annual Christmas and New Year events have been announced! First up is the 13th edition of UNDER CODE's semi-annual session night event.

2011-09-20 16:48:00
[Archived] CindyKate's new release and massive special project

シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) announced a special project this morning called 広げよう!おしんこの輪プロジェクト (Hirogeyou! Oshinko no rin PROJECT). [Oshinko seems to be the name that they've given their fans.] The project is massive, with many, many parts. So pay attention!

2011-09-15 00:24:00
[Archived] CindyKate special photoset

At today's (2011-09-15) live, シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) will sell a special unpublished, signed photoset. Seems the set won't be sold any other time, so if you happen to be there (who am I kidding?) buy it now!

2011-08-22 16:26:00
[Archived] WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster

Hey guys! I recently designed a WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster for myself, but I thought that some of you might like one too. So, take a look, and if you're interested, you can contact me to buy one!

2011-08-15 22:45:00
[Archived] Megaromania threeman and special birthday oneman

Megaromania announced two special live projects this morning (I feel like they have the most going on, live wise, of all the UNDER CODE bands!). The first is a threeman called Dark profound thought Vol.2 (a sequel to their 2010 threeman with ALSDEAD and SaTaN).

2011-08-11 20:59:00
[Archived] Selling

Hello all~ ^-^

2011-08-03 04:59:00
[Archived] Selling CindyKate/REALies

Does anyone want to buy a copy of either CindyKate (シンディケイト)'s latest single or REALies'? Contact me if so~

2011-07-31 01:16:00
[Archived] FUTURISM・BOYZ live details

If you missed the previous entries, which were member-locked until now, about FUTURISM・BOYZ, check them out first! pre-announcement details, first mini-album details.

2011-07-28 22:27:00
[Archived] CindyKate themed instore tour

_Like many of you, I've been unable to post for the past days, so this post is late, and other posts meant for the community probably won't be made. Please follow @we_love_ucp for updates!_

2011-07-05 08:47:00
[Archived] CindyKate radio appearance and covers

Recording studio “bazooka studio” has a podcast series called radio-bazooka!!, which is hosted by D.J.maruta (KASE TATSUYA). Anyway, シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) vocalist ユーイ (YUUI) appeared in the latest volume, and you can listen to it by visiting the iTunes podcast page. At the very end of the podcast is a long preview of CindyKate (シンディケイト)'s new single, so check it out!

2011-06-21 13:04:00
[Archived] Contest: KING of UNDER CODE TRIVIA VOL:α

Last time there was a set of four questions. The first was what is KISAKI's real name? This was pretty straightforward and all of you got it right: Tadashi “KISAKI” Matsuura.

2011-06-16 13:59:00
[Archived] SCUBER DIVE 2011

The first set of bands has been announced for this year's SCUBER DIVE. A handful of UNDER CODE bands have already been confirmed, and I'm sure more will be when upcoming sets are announced.

2011-05-21 01:44:00
[Archived] Lin session event details

Earlier this month, I made a post about the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) summer festival. At that live, each member will hold a special session—those special sessions have just been revealed.

2011-05-21 00:16:00
[Archived] Phantasmagoria tribute live 2011

KISAKI just announced that Phantasmagoria tribute live will be held this year! This one, like last year's, will be held in conjunction with VISUNAVI, as part of their SUMMER Masquerade live series. As with previous tribute lives, the participating bands will play Phantasmagoria songs, and a everyone will get together at the end to play 神 歌 (Kamiuta).

2011-05-10 14:14:00
[Archived] CindyKate release celebration tour

Although details such as title haven't been revealed yet, シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) has announced a tour to celebrate the release of their upcoming single, 座☆銀のNAON (Za☆gin no NAON). Interestingly, it seems that the band will be the opening act for each show.

2011-05-07 18:14:00
[Archived] Change to CindyKate tracklist

There's been a slight change to the song names of the upcoming シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) single.

2011-05-04 12:42:00
[Archived] CindyKate single tracklisting

The tracklisting for the new シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) single—座☆銀のNAON (Za☆gin no NAON)—has been revealed.

2011-04-26 02:30:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE live DVD!!

UNDER CODE has announced the release of a new omnibus live DVD—the first since early 2008! The footage was filmed at UNDER CODE's 8th anniversary live on 2011-03-10, and features all the bands that appeared at that live, with the exception of Synside and 妃&関西貴族 (KISAKI & Kansai Kizoku).

2011-04-18 23:03:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA's PAIИZ samples

PERESTROIKA's first mini-album, PAIИZ, is set to be released this Wednesday, 2011-04-20. If you haven't bought it yet, do it! But in the meantime, you can listen to previews of the entire mini at Amazon.

2011-04-17 01:24:00
[Archived] CindyKate new single and tour

If you recall, CindyKate (シンディケイト) had been planning a free oneman tour to take place throughout March and April, but postponed it due to the earthquake. As of today, the tour has officially been cancelled, to be replaced by a new one:

2011-03-31 13:50:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity items (+omnibus)

As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's earthquake charity campaign, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, two special items will be sold at the web shop, and all profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The items will go on sale on 2011-04-15. (Anyone who buys these items will be eligible for a ticket to the UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity event on April 30th, although that doesn't really apply to us.)

2011-03-21 21:18:00
[Archived] Off topic: planning to buy Lin or Megaro?

Anyone want to join an official web shop order that I'm placing?

2011-03-20 16:54:00
[Archived] Official web shop limited exclusives

These have already sold out, so forgive me, but I figured I should post about them for history's sake. The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop recently put up a few special, very limited items for sale. First, cheki featuring KISAKI and members of NEGA, members of CindyKate (シンディケイト), VIDOLL's RAME, or Sadie's Mao. Only one was available of each, so they sold out almost immediately.

2011-03-16 03:15:00
[Archived] Lin BOOTLEG DVD

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) has announced the release of OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DVD VOL:1, which will contain live footage. No specific release date has been decided (see below), but it is exclusively for order at the official web shop, and will ship out sometime late this month.

2011-03-15 08:30:00
[Archived] CindyKate oneman tour postponed + SOUL ECSTASY info

The twenty-date, free, oneman tour that シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) was to embark on as of 2011-03-11 has been postponed, due to damage from the recent earthquake. The following three dates are currently set to occur as scheduled, but they too may be subject to postponement:

2011-03-14 06:02:00
[Archived] Live postponements due to earthquake

Here's the current list of UNDER CODE live postponements/cancellations due to the recent earthquake:

2011-02-22 11:45:00
[Archived] Official web shop photosets & omnibus

The official web shop has added a few photosets for sale recently:

2011-02-02 16:05:00
[Archived] CindyKate session info

シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) has announced the session lineup for their 2011-03-21 special live. (If you recall, this is the 20-stop oneman tour “special night” live at which drummer 沙美 (Sami (沙美)) will be playing each instrument throughout the event.)

2011-01-25 08:22:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE / iTunes roundup

I noticed that Cu[be]'s latest single is available for purchase through iTunes, so I thought I'd post about all the UNDER CODE stuff that's currently available there. Buying through iTunes is a much cheaper way to support the label, so please consider it next time you're on the edge about buying a release!

2011-01-23 00:25:00
[Archived] CindyKate and Megaromania coupling live

Sort of late posting this, but, uh, derp. For no reason at all, Megaromania and シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) have decided to hold a coupling live (they're calling it a “formation commemoration emergency special project”). The live will include both bands plus some “special projects” (collaboration talk, session bands, etc.).

2011-01-17 15:00:00
[Archived] Vote on free t-shirt winner!

Ok, the contest to win a free WE LOVE UCP t-shirt is officially closed. Now it's up to you guys to look through the proposed tracklists and vote for your favorite one! Whoever gets the most votes wins! The poll will be closed by Wednesday.

2011-01-12 08:24:00
[Archived] Explosion showcase tracklist

The tracklist of the SHOXX × UNDER CODE PRODUCTION omnibus Explosion showcase has been revealed today. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the songs aren't new or rare... Oh well. The cover has been revealed as well, and you can see it here.


2010-12-31 16:59:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE 8th anniversary event

UNDER CODE has just announced its 8th anniversary (!) event, DYNAMITE EXPLOSION. The event will take place over three days: 2011-03-06, 03-08, and 03-10. The event seems pretty standard, aside from Lycaon participating, but there is one really cool thing about it...

2010-12-31 15:46:00
[Archived] New Year live goods

At UNDER CODE's 2010-12-31 New Year event, several special goods were sold.

2010-12-24 15:53:00
[Archived] Official web shop photoset sale

The official web shop has added a handful of recent photosets. Most are new/recent, but a few are older. Here's the full list:

2010-12-20 15:16:00
[Archived] New tour, CD, and look for CindyKate

Some big announcements for シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト))! The biggest announcement is that, through the beginning of 2011, they'll be embarking on a 20-stop, nation-wide, free oneman tour!! And as a special addendum to the tour, they'll be holding a special night live on 2011-03-21. The title of the oneman tour suggests that they're holding it to see if they can sell 1,000 copies of their new CD, which brings us too...

2010-11-22 02:00:00
[Archived] CindyKate in the studio

シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) is in the studio recording something. Hopefully that means they'll announce some new releases soon! Or perhaps it's for that upcoming omnibus.

2010-11-17 00:10:00
[Archived] New Year present from CindyKate

It seems that シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) has decided to hold a little New Year present campaign!

2010-11-12 04:13:00
[Archived] Session night bands revealed

UNDER CODE has revealed the participating session bands for the upcoming session night!

2010-10-20 10:49:00
[Archived] CindyKate, Megaromania, and Lin in new SHOXX omnibus

SHOXX has decided to release a new omnibus in February to promote the bands that are building a new visual kei scene. The omnibus will be comprised of two discs (some new songs, some “rare” songs), and will be mail-order only. Those who order early will receive a cheki of the band of their choice (“main side” bands only--see below), as well as a special certificate that they can bring to the supporting tour, for which they'll receive a special, unspecified present.

2010-10-16 17:08:00
[Archived] Shikkoku no SYMPHONY live photographs

Live photographs of several UNDER CODE bands are available for purchase through and 7-Eleven. The photos seem to have been taken at the three day 漆黒のシンフォニー (Shikkoku no SYMPHONY) event at 埼玉会館ホール (Saitamakaikan HALL) in August.

2010-10-03 15:08:00
[Archived] CINDYKATE - HamaNIGHT☆CITYBOY scans

Hey there!

2010-10-02 01:36:00
[Archived] CindyKate lyrics

I got bored last night, so I typed up and romanized the lyrics for the シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) song ミラーボールは無責任☆ (MIRRORBALL wa Musekinin ☆).

2010-09-29 17:02:00
[Archived] Session Night 12 and Kansai Seiatsu 2010~2011

UNDER CODE has begun announcing their yearly holiday lives~ First up is the 12th edition of the “session party” event series that features tons of sessions made up of UCP musicians. This time, it will take place on 2010-12-26 at OSAKA MUSE. The specific sessions haven't been announced yet, but they'll be revealed closer to the date.

2010-07-29 08:14:00
[Archived] Poll: If you could fully support UCP bands...

Lately I've been thinking about which upcoming UNDER CODE releases I would buy if money weren't an issue. Aside from my go-to guys Dali, I'm really liking シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) and Synside. But I'm sure the taste among other UCP fans varies.

2010-07-27 11:45:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE shopping guide

Last updated 2010-08-17The online shop section and shopping service section are now both online. The guide is generally complete!

2010-07-13 16:30:00
[Archived] Webshop Updates

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) polaroids: you can now buy one-of-a-kind, signed polaroids of the members. Available types are a group photo, individual photos (except KANATA), and twoshots of RIKU with another member (except KANATA).

2010-07-03 01:47:00
[Archived] Upload: LOOP Hiraki -2010-

I've upload what I could of the ループ開き-2010- (LOOP Hiraki -2010-) live that was streamed last night. The stream stopped during the 愛狂います。 (aicle.) performance, so sorry to those of you who wanted to see them, ν, or -OZ-. (Note: the stream stopped on the site itself, so no one has footage of those performances.)

2010-07-01 22:55:00
[Archived] Watch CINDYKATE and Lin Live!

Click here to watch the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) live performance from 2010-06-18! It's thanks to a new streaming video site, Visu-a-Land.TV. They'll only be hosting the clip until 2010-07-31, so be sure to watch it now.

2010-06-20 20:28:00
[Archived] Huge CINDYKATE News

Lots of シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) news today, and some of it is really big. Looks like UNDER CODE's giving them a pretty major push on some fronts, and I'm totally happy with that!

2010-04-20 09:56:00
[Archived] Miscellaneous Stuff

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)) will hold a special event at TOWER RECORDS to commemorate the release of their first single. Those who reserve the single in store (phone orders and online orders aren't accepted) will receive a ticket to the event, which includes a mini-live and a handshake session. The event will take place on 2010-06-17 at TOWER RECORDS 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAGE ONE.

2010-04-02 21:32:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ③

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-01-24 05:13:00
[Archived] Live Events

① Sort of old news, but Phantasmagoria has announced a oneman for 2010-04-05 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT. The live is called Diamond Dust in Truth ~新たな約束~ (Diamond Dust in Truth ~Aratana Yakusoku~). Here's the catch though: it's a “60 Minute Limited Premium Live.” Tickets are being sold at the special price of 1,500 yen, and they're being sold exclusively through UNDER CODE's mobile site from 2010-01-20 through 2010-01-31 (after which they go on general sale).

2010-01-19 10:47:00
[Archived] Covers and Shop Updates

① Various covers have been revealed on the OHP.


2009-12-31 19:52:00
[Archived] CINDYKATE Surprise

Despite most of the news leaking early, it seems UNDER CODE has managed to keep a few surprises regarding シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)).

2009-12-28 04:15:00
[Archived] Band News

① I previously posted this here, but locked the entry since I wasn't 100% sure. But now I am! シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) is joining UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and already has a release planned. The band's section at the UCP OHP is here, and there's already a sample up!

2009-12-22 04:13:00
[Archived] Big News: New Band!

シンディケイト (CindyKate (シンディケイト)) is joining UNDER CODE! They've been around for a while, but it's always nice to have some new BLOOD at the label.

2009-09-18 18:21:00
[Archived] Shuto Seiatsu

Details of 首都制圧 2009~2010 (Shuto Seiatsu 2009~2010), UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event, have been released. As previously stated, it will take place on 2009-12-31 through 2010-01-01 at 東京キネマ倶楽部 (Tokyo KINEMA Club). Special goods will be available at the live. The lineup is as follows: