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2022-01-06 20:54:00 kumika
Tatsuro new full albums: “Hikagaku Houteishiki” & “=(equal)”

Tatsuro (逹瑯) will release two new full albums on the same date!

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2021-12-21 03:52:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - December 2021

This month's featured artist is: THE MADNA !

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2021-11-12 10:30:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - November 2021

This month's featured artist is: BY-SEXUAL !

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2021-10-22 03:24:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - October 2021

This month's featured artist is: XAA-XAA (ザアザア) !

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2021-10-21 12:36:00 haru
cali≠gari new single: “Hitotsu no MERUHEN (Early Mix)”

cali≠gari has released a new single.

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2021-07-25 05:31:00 kumika
cali≠gari new full album: “15”

cali≠gari will release a new full album and have announced a new tour.

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2020-09-08 02:13:33 Seraphim
cali≠gari new erotic album: “BLUE FILM -Revival-”

cali≠gari will release a new album paying homage to their iconic release BLUE FILM.

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2020-06-10 17:21:00 Seraphim
All visual kei bands on Spotify in 2023

Every day, there are more and more visual kei bands on Spotify. Although it's great to have access to vkei on streaming services, it's increasingly difficult to keep track of what is available where. We hope that this page can help you find vkei music more easily.

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2018-10-11 14:59:59 Seraphim
cali≠gari new full album “「14」”

cali≠gari will put out a new full album.

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2018-03-28 14:07:00 Seraphim
XA-VAT Have Returned

After 7 years of hiatus, the kooky synth pop icons have returned.

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