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2016-05-14 00:27:00
SAIKA (ex-the:Ø vo.) joins BLOOD STAIN CHILD

After short-lived band the:Ø had suddenly dissolved back in January 2015, it seemed unlikely that vocalist Saica (槐) would resume band activities. However, the latest band he's joined is quite a surprise.


2012-10-27 14:10:00
[Archived] (Updated Nov 7) Lots of cheap CDs (incl. Matina & Undercode) for sale

Here are some visual kei CDs and other items for sale. Originally, I was just cleaning out my personal collection, but I will start selling items for friends here in Tokyo as well, so the list will be updated every now and then. About 80 new items have been added, and there have been a few cancellations of orders, so I took the liberty of creating a new post.

2012-07-12 07:37:00
KISAKI hospitalized

Yesterday morning, KISAKI awoke to pain and repeated vomiting of BLOOD due to his long standing condition of internal ulcers. He has been taken to the hospital and will receive emergency surgery today. His doctor has ordered a stop to KISAKI's activities for the time being, and as such, he will not appear at today's planned live with 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN). Any changes or updates to his condition will be shared here.

2012-03-14 22:00:00
[Archived] 「FREEDOM 20120314」

KISAKI just posted the infos about their oneman live held yesterday (the numbers between parentheses are the results of the fan's poll for DECIDE the setlist) :-SET LIST- SE

2012-02-16 17:28:00
[Archived] 凛 news

  1. UNDER CODE putted some new 凛 goods on cdjapan- an epidemic of "OVERTURE" got SOLD OUT


2011-12-02 13:25:00
SUZAKU new member information

UNDER CODE has revealed the birth dates and BLOOD types of the new 朱 (SUZAKU) members... They're both from Envus! So SUZAKU is basically /Envus./2. (Guitarist 葉月-hazuki- is the only non-/Envus./member; he's originally from AIKARYU.)

2011-11-25 14:13:00
[Archived] RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER goods

KISAKI PROJECT will soon hold their 90s visual kei revival event, 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei). And it seems like someone announces a new item for the event every day—so let's see just how many cool goods we're missing out on, shall we?

2011-10-08 07:45:00
[Archived] Lin's 10/8 oneman

Tonight was the last 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) oneman of 2011. And thanks to UNDER CODE and EnTicke, some of us were allowed to watch a live stream of the event! So I thought I'd talk about it a little.

2011-09-02 10:04:00
[Archived] DAS:VASSER one day revival 2011

Details regarding DAS:VASSER's one day revival live are starting to be released. I'll start by saying that this isn't an UNDER CODE event—rather, it's sponsored by ELE-MUSIC, the label of DAS:VASSER bassist HIDEAKI. But it's still relevant to us, of course~

2011-08-31 20:06:00
[Archived] Cu[be] and Vior gloire free event

Cu[be] and Vior gloire have announced that they've co-produced a free live event! The event is called U・C・P BLACK BATTLE and will be held on 2011-09-18 at HOLIDAY OSAKA—but it will be limited to 250 attendees only!

2011-08-23 18:59:00
[Archived] 凛 Independent "MAZE" shipped

凛 FIRST FULL ALBUM「Independent "MAZE"」 was shipped yesterday from the UCP webshop.

2011-08-08 00:05:00
[Archived] 凛 1st Anniversary Festival Oneman Live「an epidemic of "OVERTURE"」 Setlist

KISAKI posted on his blog the setlist of 1st anniversary live SE

2011-06-18 23:43:00
[Archived] Lin first full album

Somehow I feel like they weren't yet supposed to, but closet child has revealed that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will release their first full album!!!


2010-04-10 05:17:00
[Archived] Miscellaneous

① The official web shop is now selling live photosets from Phantasmagoria's last live.

2010-04-02 21:32:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ③

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・


2009-12-22 04:13:00
[Archived] Big News: New Band!

シンディケイト (CindyKate) is joining UNDER CODE! They've been around for a while, but it's always nice to have some new BLOOD at the label.

2009-03-20 02:17:00
[Archived] Big, big news

KISAKI announced some big news on his blog today. First, it seems that UNDER CODE is to have a new sub-label: HAUNTED HOUSE RECORDS. The label's first release will be a best album for the band FLESH FOR FLANKENSTEIN. I honestly don't know much about them; they're somewhat old, and the project of former ALUCARD vocalist 伊集院 明朗 (Ishuuin Meirou? Corrections welcome). They seem to be kind of a big deal though; KIYOHARU is to be the guest vocalist on some songs on the best album, and the cover of it was done by Rockin'JellyBean (who have done work for ROLLING STONES and other big names). Those who buy the album from the UNDER CODE NET SHOP will receive a special CD. The band's website for now is here. I'm not sure if they're to be something permanent like VAGERKE or if they're going to be like Deshabillz.

2009-01-30 21:01:00
[Archived] Undercode Production Bible Vocal Interview - Part 2

Sorry for taking so long, final exams got in the way xD.


2008-08-16 07:26:00
[Archived] Mobile wallpapers

~~AN CAFE - [1]


2006-03-31 23:41:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2006-03-31)

Hello, everyone. I'm.. sort of new here, and wasn't quite sure if requesting mp3s were allowed here or not, but..