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2019-11-08 12:22:12 suji
New band: KiKAKUMONO

New band KiKAKUMONO (企カクモノ) will begin activity on November 6th.

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2016-12-13 00:28:00 suji
More details on FAZ ex-drummer TAKAHIRO's arrest

As we reported last week, FAZ drummer TAKAHIRO was arrested by Osaka police, which prompted the band to pause activities later on next year.

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2016-12-06 18:36:00 inartistic
FAZ drummer arrested, indefinite activity pause, and other woes

FAZ drummer TAKAHIRO (a.k.a. Hiyoka (卑妖華), ex-WERKMARE) has been arrested, and the band will indefinitely pause activities in consequence.

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2016-01-14 22:56:00 suji
LIN (minus KISAKI) to participate in live event, HAUNTED HOUSE Vol:4

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), with the exception of leader KISAKI, will make a guest appearance in the live event, HAUNTED HOUSE Vol:4, at Osaka LIVE HOUSE D'.

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2015-09-02 15:13:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 9/2

Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

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2015-07-31 08:43:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 7/31

I've been too busy updating layout stuff to bother posting news m( )m. So here's the latest minor stuff:

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