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2022-07-30 21:38:00 525252
Z CLEAR new single: “Buta no Chokinbako”

Z CLEAR will release their 8th single.

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2022-04-21 23:34:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - April 2022

This month's featured artist is: VIRGE (ヴァージュ)!

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2022-02-14 21:29:00 525252
Z CLEAR new live-limited single

Z CLEAR will release a live venue limited single (title to be announced at a later date) on April 11th. To celebrate the release, they will hold free oneman lives on April 11th at Fukuoka graf and on April 13th at Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH. They will hold an outstore event at Hiroshima Second Crutch on April 21st.

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2021-12-21 03:52:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - December 2021

This month's featured artist is: THE MADNA !

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2021-09-27 22:48:00 haru
Z clear new single: "BIG・MOUTH"

Z CLEAR will release a new single.

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