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2021-08-10 23:00:00 deleted_user_400
“Like uncorking vintage wine”—el:cid vocalist Shigeta discusses the decision to unseal the band's music after 30 years

el:cid will release their first album, In the Shade, on August 18th.

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2021-05-19 12:00:00 inartistic
el:cid to release first full album, In the Shade, on August 18th!

Early 90s visual kei band el:cid will release their first full album!

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2020-10-07 05:23:00 deleted_user_400
Get two songs from el:cid by liking and/or retweeting a tweet!

el:cid is distributing two songs via Twitter. All you have to do is to like and or retweet a tweet.

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2020-09-13 09:42:42 deleted_user_400
BEAST will resume activities.

BEAST will resume activities on January 30th, 2021.

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2020-09-02 02:05:00 deleted_user_400
An interview with Shigeta (el:cid)

Today we have a second interview with former el:cid vocalist Shigeta.

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2020-07-12 16:36:26 deleted_user_400
el:cid new EP: “Cry for the moonlight”

el:cid will release a EP with remastered tracks of their 2nd demotape. Also the EP will contain a song which has been played by O.4.D. (ex- BEAST NAGANO)

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2020-05-20 05:00:00 kumika
An interview with shigeta (el:cid)

Today interview is with shigeta from el:cid.

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2018-11-30 21:19:45 inartistic
Lineup change for BEAST

BEAST's lineup will change:

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2018-05-14 04:48:55 inartistic
Second MIRAGE & Matina event announced!

A flyer was distributed at today's MIRAGE live, which announces another MIRAGE/Matina memorial event!

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