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shigeta (el:cid)

We have asked shigeta for a Japanese version of the interview, he re-answered all questions again, we updated some answers of the previous answers.

前田 茂太 (Shigeta Maeda) is known as shigeta for having been the vocalist of the band el:cid from 1992 to 1996.

He had the kindness to accord to our member kumika a short interview to learn more about his band el:cid and his own solo works.

  • Hello shigeta, I'm kumika, I'm from France and I'm working on the database.

  • Can you tell me more about your band el:cid?

    Hello, our band starts activities in Kyoto (京都). kairi was the guitarist, kenji was the bassist, michitaka was the drummer and I was the vocalist. We have been with each other since childhood, we all were childhood friends. el:cid activity was from 1992 to 1996.



  • Could you confirm that the percussionist AKIWO (アキヲ) was also a member of el:cid ?, and if so when he was a member of the band?

    Akiwo was the recording support-member since the formation, he was in charge of the keyboard and synthesizer. Before NAGANO joined BEAST. For a short period, Akiwo also worked with him in Los Angeles in a music production unit named redearth.

  • Thank you . Also, I can see on your YouTube official that you recorded a lot of songs. You never released an album or something for all these songs?

    We were planning to release those songs, however we decided to stop our activity in the middle of the recording. The songs uploaded to YouTube are the songs which are recorded at that time. By the way, all el:cid songs are composed by me.

芸術の都 other
  • You told me that el:cid formed in 1992. However a song on your official YouTube channel says to be from 1991.

    It is a song that I made individually before el:cid was formed.

  • On your official YouTube, There is a video from the band "BODY DEPTH". What is this song?

    BODY DEPTH is the band of guitarist NAGANO, he was in this band before he joined BEAST.

  • Why did you share a video of another band to your own channel? Is there a particular connection between both bands?

    Before el:cid was formed, I was a roadie for “BODY DEPTH”. BODY DEPTH's music and especially NAGANO, had a big influence on me.

  • So maybe you had the chance to meet Three Eyes Jack vocalist?

    Of course I have met him.

  • Can you provide more details about the reason why the planned release got canceled?

    Nothing was decided yet however, at that time when we were preparing to release something, suddenly guitarist kairi decided to leave the band. Also our management went wrong, other happenings overlapped... It’s a casual story which often did happen back in the days. Such things happened to many bands.

  • What about your discography? I don't have much information except some unknown demo tapes and an omnibus album released in 1993...

Beside the omnibus CD and our demo tap e"Cry for the moonlight / "Crying limit". We have released a limited edition of the demotape "くもり硝子の街並み / cutting the line".

  • Did you have an official website in the past? I would like to know more about at which venues el:cid played.

    We didn't have an official website. The venues we mainly appeared in were; Kyoto Muse Hall(京都ミューズホール), Shinsaibashi Muse Hall (心斎橋ミューズホール), and Yanta Rokumeikan(ヤンタ鹿鳴館). However there isn’t a record of our past live schedules.

  • Do you plan to reform el:cid in the future?

    I don't have plans for lives etc, however I do want to continue to write new music.

  • Thank you shigeta for your precious time. Would it be okay to share this on

    Thank you too, I'm grateful. And yes that's okay.

English translation and coordination by Ryu

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great interview, thanks for this obscure band info.

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You are welcome!, glad you like it!

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