YAMITERA's important announcement

XA-VAT Have Returned

New Band Mathilda (マチルダ) forms

After 7 years of hiatus, the kooky synth pop icons have returned.

Today, XA-VAT (pronounced "Za Bat") opened up their own Twitter account and announced the release of their new mini-album, K-I-S. For those who are unfamiliar with the group, Xa-Vat formed in 2010 and were sort of an angura / eroguro ""super group"" that put out a pretty stellar 80's inspired album in 2011. The band consists of cali≠gari's Shuuji (Shuuji 2, that is), MALICE MIZER's Közi, Sadie Pink Galaxy (of SPEECIES), and Takao Koma (from goatbed). While the act was quite clearly a side-project, as all of the members were a part of other groups at the time, they still developed quite a strong fanbase.

Their new album will be released on July 28th, although no further details have been revealed other than the promo picture used for the header of this article. Their first show since regrouping will be a 2-day event, starting on the same day as their album's release, entitled Let's Born in the 艶℃ at Tokyo CINEMA CLUB (東京キネマ倶楽部).



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