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New Band Mathilda (マチルダ) forms

MIRAGE, Kneuklid Romance announced for GAZ memorial

A new band named MATHILDA (マチルダ) has formed, and they use every color in the crayon box.

The group is comprised of ex-Ramiel members, as well as the vocalist of DEVIZE and the former drummer of AvelCain and REIREI (麗麗). They've uploaded a teaser video for their first single and it sounds like they're bringing back a quirky style of visual-kei that we haven't heard in a good while.

Visually, they've also used an interesting throwback: I'd honestly thought I'd never see another decora-kei band...ever, really. (Decora-kei is a sub-type of Oshare-kei that can easily be summed up as "I rolled through the arts and crafts isle at Target" -- bright colors and tons of accessories stuck to every visible surface). At some point, this style crosses into the territory of "it's so bad, it's good": you just need to let your eyes adjust to all the textures, first.

The band's OHP has quite a number of shows lined up for the upcoming months, and the group will also release their first single "DABINIFUS (ダビニフス)" at their show on May 2nd.



  1. DABINIFUSUダビニフス


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