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Label Himitsu Enban to split in two + Prelude of vk.gy

Indie label Himitsu Enban (秘密円盤) will split into two labels on December 1.

Himitsu Enban was formed in May 2017 by president Yuta (結タ), and was home to BAKU。 (バク。) and now morphine (モルヒネ).

However, in order to better serve the label's “diverse” plans, Yuta (結タ) has decided it best to split the label. From December 1, 2017, the label will split into KiTELA Records and YORODUYA RECORD.

morphine (モルヒネ) will transfer to KiTELA Records, and Yuta (結タ) will continue to act as president. The president of YORODUYA RECORD, on the other hand, is kenchang. No artists have been announced for the latter label yet, although it seems they will be “diverse.”

As you might have noticed, the above news has nothing to do with KISAKI, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, nor any related band...

That's because, beginning on December 1, 2017, vk.gy will open.


Although vk.gy is inspired by sites like grass thread, vkdb, and VISUNAVI, it is meant neither to reproduce them nor to replace them.

vk.gy does not contain all the information from those sites, nor do those sites contain all the information from vk.gy. And although I don't hope to match the huge size of those sites, I do hope that vk.gy becomes another resource that visual kei fans turn to.


The shape of vk.gy is still changing. At this point, it's mainly being used to collect information from the past: profiles and disocgraphies of bands that people have forgotten, or that the Western fandom was never introduced to.

But occasionally, random news will be reported too. Or perhaps short essays about a random topic (e.g. the brief history of Soleil.) Again, I don't expect to reproduce or replace news sources like Monochrome-Heaven, but I hope to supplement them.

To put it simply, vk.gy gives my friends and me the opportunity to record information about bands and topics that excite us.


I'm still undecided about the future of weloveucp.com, but, for now, it will stay as it is. Both sites share the same database, so if you're a user at weloveucp.com, you're already a user at vk.gy.


If you'd like to contribute at vk.gy--whether that means adding bands, updating discographies, posting news or articles, whatever--just let me know. Some features require administrator privileges, but I'm happy to give anyone a shot.



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