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Hueye will disband

Hueye will disband

After four years of activity, Hueye will be calling it quits.

The PUNCH RECORDS band announced their decision last week after a slew of member changes that occurred within a year that saw guitarist Kururu leave the band late last year, while bassist ShuN was dismissed back in August for poor behavior. It is also important to note that the band's last official release was back in 2020 with their mini-album, "KIMI NO HERO" (キミノヒーロー); other than that, later songs came in the form of music videos with no official release date.

They will hold their two-day oneman last live event, "Call your name", from November 1st through the 2nd at Ikebukuro Blackhole. Tickets for both days go on sale on October 1st.

We wish the band the best in their future activities going forward.


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Hueye will disband

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I wonder if their songs will still get released on a farewell album. I suppose it might be difficult due to the member changes and seeming tensions of some departures.