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DEZERT have gone major + new album + Budokan Oneman?!

DEZERT have gone major + new album + Budokan Oneman?!

DEZERT have had a tremendous end to 2023, and have announced a ton of big milestones for 2024.

Firstly, the band is now officially major, having signed with NIPPON CROWN (日本クラウン) on September 23rd. With that announcement, the band has revealed a slew of teasers for the upcoming year.

Secondly, DEZERT will organize an event to ring in the new year as part of their "V-kei te Shitteru! (V系って知ってる!) (eng: I know what vkei is!)" concert series that went viral after YOSHIKI tweeted about it. V-kei te Shitteru! (V系って知ってる!) -VISUAL ROCK COUNT DOWN Senzen (寸前) GIG 2023- will be held on December 31st, at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. It will be a near 8-hour concert just before the new year featuring performances from DIVERS † CROIX (色々な十字架), VIRGE (ヴァージュ), VIVARUSH (ビバラッシュ), CHAQLA., GRAVITY (グラビティ), Kane to Juusei (鐘ト銃声), Ashmaze., KIZU (キズ), Amai Bouryoku (甘い暴力), nurié, and HOWL.

Thirdly, the band has announced that their first major album will drop in January of 2024. They haven't given any further details on this release, but they did announce a series of performances up until late Spring of next year. Check out their profile for more performance dates!

Lastly, DEZERT also released a flyer that just says "DEZERT ONE MAN LIVE 2024 Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) -Shousai Gojitsu Happyou (詳細後日発表)-," meaning they are going to hold a oneman performance at one of Japan's largest venues: Budokan! The details on this show are still to be announced.


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