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2018-03-31 11:27:47 inartistic
MIRAGE, Kneuklid Romance announced for GAZ memorial

MIRAGE completed its 20th anniversary live today, and has announced an additional live performance!

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2016-09-18 19:47:00 inartistic
KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomi will perform!

KISAKI PROJECT feat.Hitomi has just been revealed, and will be the special guest at LACK-CO. (ラッコ)'s 2016-12-16 sponsored event at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY!

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2015-08-15 01:20:00 inartistic
Bye²regret one day revival

/BYE BYE Regret (バイバイリグレット), formerly known as Bye²Regret, will hold a one-day revival on 2015-08-22 at Kawasaki (川崎) Serbian Night.

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2011-01-25 08:22:00 anonymous
[Archived] UNDER CODE / iTunes roundup

I noticed that Cu[be]'s latest single is available for purchase through iTunes, so I thought I'd post about all the UNDER CODE stuff that's currently available there. Buying through iTunes is a much cheaper way to support the label, so please consider it next time you're on the edge about buying a release!

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2010-10-10 13:39:00 anonymous
[Archived] Selling DVDs. (Kisaki Project, Phantasmagoria)

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2008-05-13 20:04:00 anonymous
[Archived] News: New Releases through iTunes

As of May 8th, select UNDER CODE PRODUCTION music is available for purchase of iTunes. It's the first time that UCP has offered digital downloads and I highly recommend purchasing something if you are at all interested; strong support will probably encourage KISAKI to make more available, and it's a LOT cheaper and easier (the iTunes store takes credit cards as well as PayPal) than important CD's or even buying them in Japan. To make the deal a little sweeter, the offerings are iTunes Plus releases, which means that they are basically free of DRM and higher in quality without costing more than normal releases. It's pretty cool, very much worth the small price. Here's the info of what is currently available:

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2005-05-06 15:16:00 anonymous
[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-05-06)

I'm looking for the Discography or at least line ups of the bands KISAKI was in.

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