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2022-05-26 03:04:00 Seraphim
Deadman have added discography to streaming services

Legendary band deadman, whom revived in 2019, have recently added their works to streaming platforms.

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2022-05-05 23:28:00 Seraphim
Legendary Nagoya-kei band kein returns

kein are reviving after 22 years.

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2022-02-11 02:35:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - February 2022

This month's featured artist is: girugämesh!

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2022-01-09 11:57:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - January 2022

This month's featured artist is: deadman !

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2021-12-23 01:33:00 imperial_concerto
deadman new full album: “I am here”

deadman will release a new full album.

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2021-11-23 03:42:00 cherrylng
deadman and Merry Go Round members form new project: LOA-ROAR

Members from two legendary Nagoya (名古屋) bands have joined forces.

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2021-09-06 09:53:00 haru
New band Fukuro (梟): Yoshiatsu (ex-DADAROMA) reveals new project with unique lineup

After a cryptic 5 day countdown, Yoshiatsu, former vocalist of DADAROMA, has revealed his new project: Fukuro (梟).

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2021-04-14 04:00:00 Seraphim
Liner notes: 【En'Cell♰Dis'Dein】 「Kumo Onna no KISS」

Learn about 【En'Cell♰Dis'Dein】's upcoming single, and the band with this liner note + interview combo.

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