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アヴァンチック のニュース

2020-06-10 13:21:00 Seraphim
The Unofficial Official "Bands On Spotify" Listing

Every day, more and more bands are putting their content onto Spotify. It gets increasingly difficult to keep track of who is available where, so this page is to serve as a living document of sorts that lists where to find each band's profile.

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2019-09-03 12:24:02 Seraphim
LIBRAVEL new maxi-single: “Hoshi ni NEgai wo。”

LIBRAVEL (リブラヴェル) has released a new maxi-single.

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2018-01-25 13:56:35 suji
Ray (ex-NEGA~Dead Children) will officially retire + session live

Ray (ex-NEGA, Dead Children, etc.) is officially calling it quits after his last live on April 20.

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2017-08-20 11:12:53 inartistic
MIZALY to make announcement

ex-Megaromania~LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist MIZALY (aka 美沙麗-Misery-) has mentioned that he will make an important announcement at 18:00 on 2017-08-21.

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2017-08-05 08:09:06 inartistic
AVANCHICK last lives: details revealed

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) has announced the details of some of their final live events.

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2017-01-28 14:40:00 inartistic
AVANCHICK to disband

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) has suddenly announced that they intend to disband in Autumn 2017.

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2016-12-07 16:25:00 Seraphim
Avanchick Has Departed From ROCKSTAR RECORDS

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック)'s vocalist NOAH announced on Twitter that the band has since left ROCKSTAR RECORDS as of December 7th.

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2016-11-08 18:51:00 inartistic
Minor(?) news roundup 11/8 PART.0.7

Work/life has been 💩💩💩 lately, so here's a roundup of stuff that I haven't posted (probably not “minor,” but I'm not making separate posts for all this shit!).

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2016-10-05 14:35:00 suji
Devil Kitty departs from ROCKSTAR RECORDS [UPDATED 10/6 w/ ROCKSTAR drama]

In a surprising move, DEVIL KITTY have just announced that they have departed from their label, ROCKSTAR RECORDS, on October 3rd.

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2016-09-21 15:14:00 inartistic
AVANCHICK new look, album details, and more

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) has revealed their new artist photos and the covers/tracklist for their upcoming album.

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2016-08-01 14:02:00 Seraphim
Avanchick's first album: 明日もし世界が終わっても

Rockstar Records veterans AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) are releasing their first album soon: 明日もし世界が終わっても (Ashita Moshi Sekai ga Owatte mo)! Keeping with their interesting release names, this title means something like "If the world also ends tomorrow" in English.

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2016-05-29 08:58:00 inartistic
AVANCHICK's important announcement

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) has made an important announcement: they'll hold a oneman, a oneman tour, and a sponsored event tour!

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2016-05-16 13:00:00 Seraphim
Avanchick Is Releasing Two New CDs

It was announced that AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) is going to be releasing two new CDs. The first is a new maxi-single, entitled "人生ゲーム (Jinsei GAME)," and the second is a single called "IDOL (アイドル)."

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2016-03-26 13:41:00 inartistic
AVANCHICK's live-limited rhythm CDs

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) will hold birthday events for 篝-kagari- and Hyu-ga on 2016-04-08 and 2016-04-09, respectively. The band has just announced a two-type live-limited CD to be sold at those shows.

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