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[Archived] N@H

As you know, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) members YUKKIE and RAI has formed a new band called N@H. Here are some bits of information that I've been wanting to post about them.

  • N@H is pronounced “NOAH”, but also stands for new organization at HEISEI ISHIN. Apparently, when they announced their disbandment, HEISEI ISHIN had secretly been planning to reform under a new name; N@H was one of the possibilities.

  • ユッキー (YUKKIE) acts as the vocalist and guitarist (in HEISEI ISHIN he was only a guitarist). ライ (RAI) acts as DJ and programmer (in HI he was the drummer).

  • YUKKIE and RAI apparently plan to leave the bassist position unfilled indefinitely, in hopes that HEISEI ISHIN bassist 善 (Yoshi) will one day join (although it doesn't seem like this will ever actually happen).

  • For now, the band relies on several support members:
  • support guitar: 雨宮 流斗 (Amamiya Ryuuto) (ex-ClearVeil)
  • support bass: Ena (also support for SATSUKI solo project Aurora Feather)
  • support drums: Takeshi (カメレオ (KAMELEO))
  • support drums: 嶋村 ひかり (Shimamura Hikari)
  • support staff: Ryuta Washio

  • N@H is managed by ex-Anjyu' drummer りーた (Riita) (formerly known as 姫雛~hina~). The band is under an independent label called PRIMARY COLORS, presumably started by Riita.

  • The band has already released a mini-album. It was available at their first live (and presumably consequent lives), through AOO Store, and through Like an Edison (neither of those places sells to overseas customers). When purchased through Like an Edison, the mini-album includes a privilege comment DVD.READY?
  • 2011-12-11; 2,100 yen; mini-album CD; published by PRIMARY COLORS; PCNH-001

    1. -Uzi on Iramijah02. FLY HIGH!!
    2. スペース (SPACE)
    3. コトノハ
    4. Puzzle
  • A couple of N@H goods are already available: a scrunchie, a towel, and a t-shirt. Again, these are available through AOO Store, but it does not sell to overseas customers.

  • And finally, some links: OHP (PC version) OHP (mobile version) N@H at Facebook<a href="http://ameblo.jp/primary-colors-noah/"; target="_blank">N@H staff blogYUKKIE blogYUKKIE twitterRAI blogRAI twitterAmamiya Ryuuto blogAmamiya Ryuuto twitterEna blogEna twitterEna OHPTakeshi blogShimamura Hikari blogRiita blog</li>


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