Rinne Tensei 2014 pictures, setlists

Anjyu' × NEGA × ZODIA alumni session, plus ZODIA copy band?

BERLIN~GRIEVER and Synside new band, ALVION

On 2014-09-08, ex-ZODIA (ゾディア), NEGA, and Anjyu' members will perform in a session. It will be the first activity from ex-Anjyu' drummer hina in years, actually! The session will be at the 11th anniversary of Bar Paradox (a long time friend of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION).

Bar Paradox 11th Anniversary Paradox Sonic ~PARASONI 2014 3 days~ (Paradox Soni ~パラソニ2014 3 days~)

  • 2014-08-09 at Ash OSAKA

  • *[R]Call- 【V. +Yuu (+悠) [ex-ZODIA (ゾディア) (ゾディア) ~ Ultimate Sonic] / G. SAN [ex-NEGA ~ the:Ø] / B. Ray [ex-NEGA] / D. ORYUUTA (おリュータ) [ex-Anjyu' (as 姫雛~hina~)]】

※ Will play UNDER CODE PRODUCTION songs!

  • KACCHIN New BAND (カッチンNew BAND) / Mother Of Soul / RAUGOMESU (ラウゴメス) / Nose individual / CAROLINE (キャロライン)

After that, +Yuu will hold his session -z-, which will perform ZODIA (ゾディア) songs.

k.o.k PRESENTS k.o.k CONFLICT ~ LOVECON -Bangaihen- (k.o.k コンフリクト~LOVEコン-番外編-)

  • 2014-08-16 at Ash OSAKA

  • *-z-- 【V&G. +Yuu [ex-ZODIA (ゾディア) ~ Ultimate Sonic] / B. Ena [ex-HenzeL] / D. Chihiro [ex-LICKER]】

※ Will play ZODIA (ゾディア) songs!

Finally, +Yuu will hold his girugamesh cover session on 2014-08-04.


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