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Release history

2010-03-03 Tokyo MICHAEL。 Happiness SCL-081
2008-10-01 CindyKate Night people TYPE B SCL-065
2008-10-01 CindyKate Night people TYPE A SCL-063/064
2008-06-11 Ruvie screaming picture's SCL-058
2008-01-23 Ruvie Awakening your's Kami JACKET Shiyou Shokai Gentei Ban SCL-049
2007-07-25 Ruvie Thy soul, be beautiful. Type B SCL-044
2007-07-25 Ruvie Thy soul, be beautiful. Type A SCL-043
2007-02-21 juliadoll eternity SCL-040
2006-08-02 juliadoll departure SCL-036
2006-07-12 Ruvie Primitive moon light SCL-032~033
2006-07-12 Ruvie Irony sun light SCL-030~031
2006-03-08 AILE PARTING FEATHER ~Kimi to Aeru Hi Made~ SCL-028
2005-11-30 AILE SOLE FEATHER ~Tatta Ichiri no Kimi e~ SCL-027
2005-09-14 Ruvie Invisible Sun SCL-026
2005-07-20 AILE LOVE FEATHER ~Kimi e Tsutaetai Koto~ SCL-024
2005-06-22 Puppet Mammy Shinjou Shikisaishuu SCL-022
2005-05-18 (omnibus) Satsukibare SCL-021
2005-04-20 Dengeki Tomato Himegoto SCL-020
2004-12-15 (omnibus) Shoudougai SCL-013
2004-08-16 (omnibus) Aotagari SCL-011
2000-10-25 Shiver IN COMPLETE SCV-001
2000-10-25 ADEIL 「iera」 SCL-003
2000-04-12 Shiver hypnosis SCL-002
1999-09-29 Shiver Hysterical-Link SCL-001