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Inoran new full album: “2019” AINNE FERIA new single: “TACTICS”

Yumeleep's New Drummer, New Promo Photo, New Mess + Twitter Harassment

YUMELEEP (ユメリープ) have a new drummer, a new look, and a recent penchant for being the center of controversy.

TW: sexual harassment

Earlier this week, sleepy yet spooky-kei band YUMELEEP (ユメリープ) unveiled their new band photo, as well as a new addition to their lineup: drummer Kabane (かばね ). However, they apparently left their current drummer Urara out of the loop. In a Twitter statement made later, Urara expressed that the band was not lining up with the direction he had envisioned, and also expressed grievances related to people being late or missing at recording sessions, poor communication, and even not sending him recent music files so he could record his part.

A later statement by another member stated that Urara left the band because he felt other members weren't working as hard as he was, and they couldn't come to an agreement for how to move forward.

Now, to go full-on Vkei-TMZ: apparently Urara's statement checks out and he didn't actually leave the band, their staff came up to him after a show and told him that the rest of the group no longer wants him to take part. Also, the recent promo shoot was taken with their new drummer before they even told Urara he had gotten the boot.


Part two of this story is that YUMELEEP (ユメリープ)'s vocalist has recently been receiving harassment on Twitter. He's posted several tweets in English stating that a foreigner has been sending him unsolicited snapshots of his reproductive organs and verbally degrading him in an effort to return the sexual "favors."

While Nemu appears to be laughing it off, this is only one of several tweets about the subject and sexual harassment is in no way ever a funny thing to do to someone.


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Inoran new full album: “2019” AINNE FERIA new single: “TACTICS”
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