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weloveucp.com back online

Hi everyone 👋 Just wanted to give a brief update on the status of weloveucp.com.

First, apologies for my absence this summer. I'd planned to take a month off from updating news (etc) while I worked on this new version of weloveucp.com. Unfortunately, life stuff happened, and “1 month” turned into “several.” (Thank you so much to those who kept posting news and updating artists, especially Seraphim and sheepprincessgara.) That said, the new version of weloveucp.com is now up, and the posting of news should return to its normal frequency.

I hope that casual visitors will find the new version cleaner and easier to navigate, and that they will find it easier to discover info that was previously hidden in the weloveucp.com database. And for those of you who update the database, I hope you'll find the add/edit pages to be more consistent and easier to operate. I've also updated security across the board on the backend, so members' information is even more secure.

Boring stuff, for those interested:

Due to a forced last-minute server change, the most recent updates to the database are temporarily missing. The data is safe, but I'll have to manually re-import it.

I've also decided to temporarily turn off most “user functions” to make sure they play nice with the new server. So for now, existing members can sign in, but new registrations are closed, profiles are empty, release collections have been frozen, and other account features are turned off. Again, all data is safe, and these will be back up in the next week or so.

Here's my current roadmap for getting everything back up:

  1. Re-import missing data into the database.
  2. Get user functions back online.
  3. Upgrade the VIP section, which is currently running in a bare-bones mode. (Btw, I'll be posting several VIP entries in the next few days, so please check back!)
  4. Add documentation to “update” pages. (Main changes: in musicians' band history, you can use /artist/ notation, and markup is now allowed in all posts/comments.)

As always, please let me know of any bugs you encounter--with the behind-the-scenes update being so large, I expect plenty. (Btw, I already know of the issue with blank squares appearing beside certain links--will fix tonight.) Also, for those of you who update the database, please let me know of anything that might make it easier for you--I can't promise that everything's within my ability, but I'll do my best!

Caveats aside, I hope that the new version is an improvement overall. Thanks everyone for your patience, and please continue to bear with me!



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