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Visual Kei mascot 「Buinyasu」 first artist photos?! [PR]

Cute and msterious mascot 「Buinyasu」 has released VK-like artist photos.

Who is the mysterious, VK-loving mascot Buinyasu (ぶいにゃす), who recently uploaded a clip called “playing R-shitei (R指定)'s 「-SHAMBARA-」”?!

The cat-shaped mascot Buinyasu appeared on Twitter on May 22nd. Their initial uploads featured activities unbecoming of their form, such as doing crunches, climbing a cat tower, playing with a hula hoop, and even dancing to DAPUMP's USA.


Mixed in with these were clips of the mascot fumbling to open packages containing VK magazines, photos of VK flyers, and photos outside of famous VK shops. As it turns out, this Buinyasu is a fan of visual kei.

Although Buinyasu's fandom was at first hidden, the mascot has since uploaded clips of playing along to vistlip's glider and R-shitei (R指定)'s -SHAMBARA-, a clip imitating the famous “10 types of visual kei headbang,” and several photos introducing CDs from artists such as ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), Kiryu (己龍), and 0.1g no Gosan (0.1gの誤算). Finally, Buinyasu decided to go as far as having a VK-like photoshoot.

Buinyasu's Twitter profile has been updated to proclaim that they are a “mascot who loves visual kei♪ 「Let's enliven the Japanese visual kei scene!」 is the thought that I arose from. I love VK and study every day! My specialty is headbanging!”


So it seems the “mascot boom” of recent years has finally rushed into visual kei. Who, and for what purpose, gave birth to Buinyasu? It's unclear if this character is acting on their own or has received help. The only thing for sure is that this character loves visual kei.

Currently, it's fun to be able to look at this new character's past, and see their strange and cute behavior, and how they're clearly influenced by visual kei (such as taking official photos in a jail cell environment). Please keep an eye on Buinyasu and see how this mascot continues to involve itself in the visual kei scene!



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