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State of vk.gy 12/7

Just wanted to give everyone an update on vk.gy since it officially launched on December 1.

First, a thank you to suji, seraphim, biopanda, and others who have contributed to the database.

Second, I want to through a quick list of changes that have been made to the site:

  • More users have been granted the ability to add and edit artists, musicians, and releases. Please comment on this post or contact me on Twitter if you'd like to help.
  • If you're an admin user, please check the bottom of add/edit pages for documentation sections. These contain instructions and tips for utilizing the specialized systems that run this database. The “edit artist” and “add musicians” pages have updated, and other pages are in the works.
  • When artist links are clicked, they will now popup with links to their profile, discography, or news. For example: LABAISER.
  • Within news posts and comments, links to record labels will automatically appear with an icon beside them: Starwave Records.
  • Record label pages show parent labels, sublabels, president, official links, signed artists, and releases, depending on what information is available: Matina STORM. (These pages will continue to change and improve.)
  • Advanced musician searches are now available; you can search for a musician by name, gender, blood type, birth date, birthplace, and history (if that information is in the database). Musicians' pages have been updated with links to search for each of those attributes: Nero.
  • Advanced release searches are possible as well.
  • You can access a list of all artists in the database. You can filter by letter, and see when the artist was last update, but it's admittedly janky; I'll be working to improve that page in the future.
  • Images that are marked “exclusive” are now watermarked with the username of the person who scanned them. For example, this cover art contributed by suji or this artist image contributed by myself. (As before, non-watermarked versions are available to VIP members.)
  • Minor changes/fixes have been made to styles around the site. Please let me know if you see anything that looks crazy.
  • I've been working to fix errors and optimize pages so that they load more quickly. Please continue to point out issues that you're having, or features that you'd like to see, and I'll do my best to fix/implement them.

Well, that's it. As always, I welcome your feedback. Thanks!


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