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Mamireta is Releasing a Collection Album State of vkgy 6/2

Morphine's New Collection Album モルヒネ

MORPHINE (モルヒネ) are jumping on the collection album band wagon, with the announcement of their self-titled CD.


  1. Haikei, Higaisha no Kimi e拝啓、被害者の君へ
  2. Sweet poison Lolita rockSweet poison Lolita rock
  3. Hanagasumi花霞
  4. Houtai Shoujo包帯少女
  5. Doro Doro Jikken℃ロ℃ろ実験
  6. Otogiri Shou乙切り荘
  7. Sorede wa Minasan Sayounaraそれではみなさんさようなら
  8. Boku ni Furu Ame僕に降る雨
  9. Shikeishokkou死刑執行
  10. Omaemitaina Yatsu ga Sin'nebaii no ni...お前みたいな奴が死ねばいいのに...
  11. Sayounara Jinseiさよなら人生
  12. Houkai崩壊
  13. Another StoryAnother Story
  14. Bakaばか

The collection album will contain 14 songs. If I'm doing my math correctly, 3 of the songs featured are either new or were only performed live and never actually pressed to a disc. It shall be sold at visual-kei stores nation-wide, including favorites like Puresound, Tower Records, and Village Vanguard. The album will drop on August 1st, just like MAMIRETA's collection.

Speaking of which 👀

As mentioned in my previous article, MORPHINE (モルヒネ) are going to be hanging out with the PUNCH RECORD dudes a lot this coming summer and fall. I'm also seeing that this collection album will be distributed through PUNCH RECORD. This seems to be more than coincidental.

Maybe we will see MORPHINE (モルヒネ) joining the label in the near future.

(I've been correct about things like this before... 🔮)


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