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Two collection albums for Leetspeak monsters Morphine's New Collection Album モルヒネ

Mamireta is Releasing a Collection Album

On Tuesday, MAMIRETA announced that they will be releasing a collection album.

The album's name is Sei (逝) and it will contain 14 tracks. Most of them have been previously released, but there are two new songs featured on this album. Sei (逝) comes out on August 1st.


  1. Ojamashimasuお邪魔します
  2. Darumasanだるまさん
  3. Shiin: Higaimouzou死因:被害妄想
  4. Shiin: Kurashi死因:暮らし
  5. Oshiete教えて
  6. Tabetai食べたい
  7. Shiin: Mushi死因:無視
  8. Kahan Shin Chuudokusha下半身中毒者
  9. Yuukoukigen -Kyou-有効期限-今日-
  10. Shiin: Wakaran死因:わからん
  11. Boku ga Toketeku Karerimichi僕が溶けてく帰り路
  12. Shima Nagashi死魔流し
  13. Yuka Name no Tensai床舐めの天才
  14. Shuujitsu Owari終日終わり

Additionally, the band announced a slew of upcoming performances, including a one-man show at Tsutaya O-West on August 6th and a bunch of "vs" lives at the start of the summer. All of the VS lives are held at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE and include:

6/20: VS Miztarva

6/27: VS MARBLE HEAD (マーブルヘッド)

7/02: VS Meidara

7/06: VS Virge (ヴァージュ)

7/09: VS MORPHINE (モルヒネ)

7/13: VS FIXER


7/25: VS JIGSAW (ジグソウ)

7/30: VS LABAISER (ラヴェーゼ)

8/02: VS Tensai (てんさい。)

Lastly, the band will also participate in the PUNCH RECORDS nation-wide tour starting in October. So far, it looks like KRAD and Virge (ヴァージュ) will participate in most of the shows, but oddly enough DEVIL KITTY isn't listed at all...

For more information regarding any of their upcoming performances, you can view their annoucement on Visunavi.


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2018-06-01 15:47:01
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Seems like it... which is a shame, because I thought DK actually did well due to Yuuga being a walking, angry, meme. Are Virge self produced / managed?

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2018-06-01 12:51:55
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Yaaaay label fuckery! So we agree that MORPHINE (モルヒネ) is prob joining and DEVIL KITTY is officially out?

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