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Bara no Kyuuden new single “Arch Enemy Suite” + New Member Rasen two new new singles “Nightmare” + “Kyou (狂)”

Marvelous Cruelty event with ex-Dali appearance + more releases

Another month, another slew of random activity from kote saviors Marvelous Cruelty!

Marvelous Cruelty will hold its sponsored event, MaZARIaU Kuro NO Senritsu -Daisanmaku- (混ザリ合ウ黒ノ旋律-第三幕-), at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) FANJ on 2019-06-14. Notably, LOTMAN (ロットマン) (the former solo project of ex-Dali vocalist Ren, who also happens to manage the band) will appear. MISAKI will also appear, as will David, albeit as guest.

It wouldn't be a Marvelous Cruelty event without releases, so: a demotape (two types) will be awarded to those who enter to see Marvelous Cruelty, and the band's seventh demo CD-R will be available for purchase. Like past events, it's likely that the demo CD-R will also be available in demotape form, and that there will be an additional privilege for those who spend 5,000 yen on goods.

The band held a free street live at Osaka Castle Park (大阪城公園). (This is a semi-famous location where lots of bands have held free lives over the years, but it was especially popular with early visual bands, e.g. SHËY≠DË.)

Of course, they distributed a CD at the event, and their sixth demo was available for purchase in both CD-R and DT forms. Those who spent 5,000 yen received a CD-R with the song ××××, which is a re-recording of the song ----- (lol). The band also sold a PV DVD-R at the live.

Previous entries about this year's MC releases can be found here and here. Keep an eye on the band's discography for further updates!


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They're super brave for performing in daylight

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Bara no Kyuuden new single “Arch Enemy Suite” + New Member Rasen two new new singles “Nightmare” + “Kyou (狂)”